Bulk Chinese Herbs

Looking for bulk Chinese herbs? Find out about the kind of herbs that are available in bulk quantities.

One of the major branches of Chinese medicine is associated with the use of herbs. The Chinese would make use of various herbs in combination to develop herbal formulas catering to a specific ailment or overall wellness of the body. Purchasing Chinese herbs in bulk gives you the opportunity to create your own formula and recipes.

Making use of Chinese herbs

A wide selection of commonly used herbs is readily available in bulk quantities for private and professional users. These Chinese herbs can be consumed in the form of tea by making use of standard formulas that are easily available. The fact that they are free from toxins makes them completely safe to use giving you the freedom to experiment on your own.

Many of the bulk sellers will not only offer you Chinese herbs in great quantities rather they will even inform you of the herbs that can be used in combination so that you can use that information when preparing herbal formulas. As it is there are many books available with complete guiding principles on how to prepare herbal formulas using Chinese herbs.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the entire collection of herbs is divided into twenty different classifications. Each of these categories is then divided into further branches. For example one of the most popularly consumed categories is that of tonic herbs. This category is then further subdivided into four categories which include Blood, Qi, Yin and Yang tonics. This classification is based on the primary tonification function of the particular herb.

Here follows a list of some of the most popular Chinese herbs that are purchased in bulk quantities.


The primary function of this herb is to nourish the yin and clear the heat out of the body. It also works to moisten the lungs and provides essential nourishment for the kidneys. Asparagi is also used to enhance in stress relieving herbal formulas because it can help develop peace of mind as well as enhance memory. On the surface this Chinese herb has also proven to develop smooth skin.


This Chinese herb is known to smoothen the flow of liver energy while clearing it of the excess heat. It works to harmonize the functions of the liver and is a powerful herb that helps to open up congestion. It is generally used when the liver is not being allowed to dispel its energy. Bupleurum extracts are known to possess antibacterial properties as well.


An important herb used for the purpose of tonifying the kidney. Cornus is considered to promote overall well being of the body and can specifically good for the back, eyes, ears and reproductive organs.


A very popular herb that is commonly used in combination with asparagi, cuscutae and epimedium to tonify the blood and nourish the yin. It is known to be of great benefit for the eyes and ears while having the ability to penetrate the blood vessels.

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