China Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures in china Cabinets create a wonderful ambience. To find out how you can highlight your formal dinnerware using lights read on…

Since the mid twentieth century, furniture makers have installed lighting fixtures in many types of china cabinets. China cabinets are often used to display fine china, collectables or artwork and lighting the shelves highlights these displays. Older china cabinets may not be equipped with lighting fixtures, but it is fairly simple to add lighting to any china cabinet.

Flourescent Lighting Fixtures

The easiest fixtures to add are usually flourescent fixtures. Small flourescent fixtures are available at hardware and home improvement stores and can be mounted inside china cabinets to provide lighting. It is usually necessary to drill a small hole in the back of the cabinet for the wire which must be plugged into an electrical outlet. These lighting fixtures may not be practical for all china cabinets since they should be concealed and not all cabinets have enough hidden space to conceal flourescent lighting fixtures.

Battery Operated LED Lighting Fixtures

Drilling a hole in an antique china closet can seriously effect its value, so flourescent light fixtures may not be a wise choice for antique pieces. Battery operated LED lights that can be fastened to the cabinet without the need for screws or holes may be a better alternative for antiques. These fixtures are also available at lighting, hardware and home improvement retailers and are are simple to install. As with flourescent lighting, concealment can be a problem so look for small LED fixtures.

Adding Glass Shelves

If the china cabinet has wooden shelves, the light will only be visible on the shelf where it is mounted. Many lighted china cabinets feature glass shelves which allow the light to pass through to all the shelves. Cabinets that have adjustable or removeable shelves can easily have wooden shelves replaced with tempered glass which will allow the light to penetrate the entire cabinet. It may also be possible to cut out the center of a fixed wooden shelf and replace it with glass.

China cabinet lighting fixtures are easy to buy and install, but it is best to use caution when altering an antique china cabinet. The value of antique cabinets can be quite high and alterations like lighting fixtures or glass shelves can destroy the value of the piece. In old pieces, battery operated LED lights that can be concealed behind display items may be the best choice. The right lighting fixture can make displays stand out and provide extra ambient lighting in a room.

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