China Doll Plant

Interested in the China doll plant? Find out the information you need to know about this popular houseplant…

China doll is a rather unique name for a plant. This upright columnar bush is native to the country of China and is also found in parts of India, Java and the Philippines. The plant thrives in normal indoor temperatures which makes it a great houseplant. However the China doll does not bear any flowers or fruits as such.

This unique plant is renowned for its beauty and high speed growth. It is admired due to its delicate and soft structure along with its glossy green foliage. In the world of botany the china doll plant is known as Radermachera sinica.

The growing stages

You will be able to purchase a rather compact china doll plant from the nursery. With the passage of time however the china doll plant quickly shoots up to become a sort of weedy plant with a stretched out look. The reason behind this rapid growth is that the new plants available at the nursery are treated with growth regulators with the aim of slowing down the growth of this plant. This actually helps to keep the plant in good shape.

You will find your china doll plant to grow lots of legs as the effects of the growth regulator wear down with time. At this stage the owner can trim the plant in order to give it the desired shape and length. With the foliage reduced the water supply should also be regulated so that it does not receive excess water. The watering should be increased again as new foliage begins to sprout.  The cuttings of this particular plant are extremely difficult to root. This is why most people just add them to the compost pile instead.

China doll plant care

It is important for china doll plant owners to provide their plant with adequate light. The china doll plant thrives in bright natural sunlight. Hence it must be kept in a place that receives almost direct sunlight for the major part of the day. The china doll plant does well in greenhouses and heated sunrooms as well.

China doll plant fungus

With regards to taking care of the plant, you need to keep a check on its water supply at least three times a week. The soil must be kept moist in general but you should occasionally let it dry out close to the wilting point and then water again. The reason behind drying down the soil is to prevent fungus gnats from developing in the soil. If such fungus is allowed to thrive then it could result in leaf loss. The plant must be watered freely allowing the water to seep out of the drainage hole in the pots. In order to prevent root rot you should always remove the excess water from the drip.

Feeding the China doll plant

The plant can be fed with a special houseplant fertilizer during the time period of its rapid growth. When inactive, the china doll plant should not be fed more than twice a month. In general the plant is susceptible to develop foliar mealy bugs, spider mites and aphids if neglected. Lots of green foliage is the sign of a healthy china doll plant. On the other hand a leggy china doll plant is one that has been neglected.

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