Chinese Dream Symbols

Interested in dream symbol from China? Take a look at the various interpretations that the Chinese symbol for dream has developed through the years.

One of the miracles of this life is dreaming. Dreams have always provided inspiration, insight and alternatively fear to people since the beginning of time. Similarly the Chinese symbol for dream represents the idea of a deeper insight into the mysteries of the soul.

The study of the symbol for dream reveals many different aspects to it. This ancient Chinese symbol is one that is full of mystery and that is the reason why many people find it to be very intriguing.

Interpreting the dream symbol

Psychologists associate the seeking of personal clarity and a fuller identity to the Chinese symbols for dream. Other meanings could include searching for a purer spiritual clarity and seeking a resolution to internal conflict.

Basically dreams tend to be reflections of our thoughts and ideas hence one can also seek to better understand what our thoughts are all about through dreams. In some ways we may be inspired to figure out our purpose of life.

The mysterious nature of the Chinese dream symbol also inclines one towards understanding the bigger picture of life. Puzzling as it may be the truth is realized in stages and there will always remain certain things about the nature of life on this planet that are unexplainable.

Nonetheless dream symbols represent the efforts that are made by the human mind to interconnect the different aspects of life. It goes further on to figure out ways of applying that knowledge in real terms. What happens as a result is a tear that falls from the eye which is a tear of joy for a gain that is immaterial.

In essence what we need to understand is that although the Chinese have had many different uses and interpretations of the dream symbol it still remains a very subjective symbol the interpretation of which tends to be a very personal process.

What this means is that the exact meaning of the Chinese symbol for dream is as you understand it to be. The foundations have been laid down for ages and we have all the history of the interpretations of the dream symbol as a resource but ultimately it is how you feel about the symbol that determines what it denotes.

The roots of the Chinese dream symbol

Symbols exist in nature and others are man made. Chinese symbols are man made adaptations of different elements of nature. The collection of Chinese symbols ranges over eighty thousand in number. Literally all of them have been derived by observing ones surroundings as well as the inside of the mind and even dreams.

Hence the physical form that the Chinese symbol for dream takes on is based on personal experience. For the majority of the western mass the dream symbol signifies a mysterious aspect of human life put forward in the form of a beautiful symbol that has immense artistic value.

The Chinese dream symbol can be seen being made full use of today through different mediums of art which are being sold for commercial purposes.

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