Chinese New Year Decorations

Find out how the Chinese people decorate their homes and streets with specially crafted Chinese New Year decorations.

The Chinese New Year is a very special day in the lunar calendar of this ancient civilization. One can see Chinese families decorating their homes with many different Chinese New Year decorations prepared especially for the occasion. From the insides of people’s homes to the city streets China is glittering in color throughout this season.

From pretty blossoms to platters of food there is a wide variety of Chinese New Year decoration items that are reserved for the occasion. There are certain decoration items that have become symbols for this time of the year. The array of decoration items is wide and colorful.

Symbolic New Year’s decorations

Plants and flowers are a very important element in New Year decorations in China. As it is the Chinese people are known to have a special love with nature. During this time of the year the houses of the locals are blooming with different flowers and plants that symbolize growth and prosperity for the coming year.

The most commonly used plants and flowers used for decoration purposes during this time of the year are plum blossoms. This is because they are just beginning to blossom around this time. They are specially arranged together with bamboo and pine springs. This unique combination actually symbolizes the grouping of friends and families at the event.

Reliability and perseverance are amongst the symbolic virtues the plum blossoms are supposed to represent. The bamboo represents compatibility due to its flexible nature and the evergreen pine is the classic symbol of longevity. Other commonly used flowers include the azalea, narcissus, water lily and the peony.

The fruits of the New Year

Certain types of fruits have also established themselves as prominent New Year decoration symbols and are a must in every home. Oranges and tangerines top the list and are often brought over by visiting friends. The tangerines are taken as a symbol of maintaining a long relationship and happiness.

Bring in the candy

The best part of the Chinese New Year is perhaps the candy tray; at least this is true as far as the kids are concerned. The candy tray is a specially designed decoration item for this time of the year. This sweet treat is also known as the tray of togetherness and consists of an interesting variety of some of the most delicious candies.

The candy tray is followed up by another tradition which is that whenever an adult takes a candy he places a red envelope in the tray that consists of some sort of a good fortune icon for the people of the house. Typically the candy tray consists of candied melon of different kinds, lychee nut, coconut, peanuts and cumquat etc. Each of these items has its own symbolic meanings.

Decorations centered on the animal of the year

A large proportion of the New Year decorations are centered around the particular animal which represents the year. This has been the tradition for many years and is still practiced on New Year ’s Day today.

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