Chinese Zodiac Chart

The Chinese zodiac chart represents a lot more than is normally conceived by people. Find out about the different aspects of the Chinese zodiac chart.

The Chinese zodiac science is far more complicated than most of us conceive it to be. It is true that the use of the animal symbols was a step towards simplifying the zodiac but there are still many different aspects to the Chinese zodiac that are complex and not many people are aware of it.

Inner animals

Most of us are well aware of the 12 animals that represent the calendar. We also know that a person born in the year of a particular animal is believed to have the characteristics of that animal as defined by Chinese philosophers. There is however the concept of inner animals or secret animals that can denote even more details about an individual’s personality and other things the zodiac is used for.

The 12 animals can be seen depicted on a traditional Chinese zodiac chart. The animals represent the birth year of an individual. The inner animals, which are sometimes referred to as the secret animals are used to represent the month in which the individual was born. They go further on to represent the exact hour that the person came into this world. The Chinese zodiac chart in its totality represents 8,640 personality combinations.

Let us do the math in order to understand how this works. First of all you have the twelve animals. Multiply that by the five elements for each sign and you get sixty combinations. Then you have twelve birth months and another twelve two hour segments the total of which amounts to the above mentioned grand number.

How to understand the Chinese zodiac chart

The twelve animals that represent the zodiac calendar are taken as a metaphorical representation of the outer personality of an individual. The collection of animals that represents the birth month is taken as the symbol for the inner you. This may not actually be who you really are but in fact who you really want to be.

Further on the animals that represent the hour of birth actually denotes the secret side of your personality. This is basically that side of your personality that actually exists but you do not want the rest of the world to discover it.

The inner animal not only determines the in depth side of your personality rather it also has a role to play when determining the compatibility between different signs.

It is however the secret animal which seeks to represent the personality of each individual in its truest sense. It is the birth hour of the person that denotes this particular aspect of the complex Chinese zodiac. There is a method to the madness because the entire chart is based on astrological studies.

The two hour increments that denote the hour of birth are actually based on the position of the sun and not time according to our watches. This means that you cannot use the time that your watch displays to measure or calculate your time of birth according to the Chinese zodiac chart. Hence we find the Chinese zodiac chart to be displaying a lot more information than is normally conceived.

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