Chinese Zodiac Hours

Find out about the hardly known phenomenon of Chinese zodiac hours associated with the ancient tradition of Chinese zodiac.

The Chinese zodiac was initially represented through a complex system of heavenly stems and earthly branches. They used these elements to record years, months, days and hours which are basically different denominations of time. This system was however largely incomprehensible to the illiterate masses of China and was hence replaced by the twelve famous animals.

The animals did not only make it easier for the masses to remember the zodiac it also gave them a detailed description of the kind of personality that people born in the year of a particular animal were supposed to have. This is the beginning of Chinese horoscope. The twelve animals are however not the only animals and elements that make up the Chinese zodiac nor are years the only denomination of time that the calendar represents.

If you observe carefully the traditional Chinese zodiac chart depicts a host of other things besides the twelve well known animals. The Chinese zodiac system does not only represent years rather it goes on to represent months and hours. The concept of hours is however a bit different than what one would normally assume and the animals used to depict this particular denomination of time are known as the secret animals.

Understanding Chinese Zodiac Hours

Hours according to the Chinese calendar are not measured in the same dimension of time that we normally divide our day into. This means you can’t use your wrist watch to determine the hour denomination on the Chinese zodiac. Rather the hours are set by the position of the sun and are found to be in two predicaments. This is a unique aspect of the Chinese calendar which greatly differs from the normally conceived concept of time.

Furthermore we find that very few people are actually aware of the concept of hours let alone their representation in the form of secret animals. Most of the people outside of China are only aware of the twelve animals that represent the Chinese zodiac. In truth however these animals only represent the outer personality of the individual. These are the animals that represent the twelve years.

Then you have a set of other animals that are classified as inner animals. These animals represent months and are taken to be the inner character of an individual which is at times different from their outward personality.

The hour denomination is represented by a collection of animals known as the secret animals. This is that aspect of your personality that you wish that you could be but fall short of being. Generally speaking, no one but the individual himself can know what kind of personality he or she aspires to be. The Chinese zodiac chart however has drawn out a character sketch based on the personality traits found in the secret animals that seeks to represent the secret side of your personality.

The hour denomination and the representation of the secret animals are little known by people outside of China. Nonetheless it is a very interesting element of the Chinese zodiac.


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