Skiing in Spain

Are you interested in doing some skiing in Spain? Want to know when & where to go skiing in Spain? Here we’ve put together facts & information about skiing in Spain you’ll want to know.

Most poeple associate Spain with the sunny Mediterranean climate of the Costa Brava and sports such as sailing and scuba diving rather than skiing. Although Spain is not often thought of as a premier skiing destination in Europe, Spain does possess a number of well equipped resorts for skiing. Because it is overshadowed by more popular skiing destinations in Switzerland and Italy, one may be pleasantly surprised by what they find when they go skiing in Spain. Skiing in Spain is, on the whole, a lot cheaper than skiing in the Swiss and Italian Alps. One will also find that in comparison to Skiing in Switzerland and Italy, skiing in Spain is a lot more pleasant experience because the ski resorts in Spain are less crowded.

Skiing in Season in Spain

Skiing season in Spain generally begins from December and runs through until April. The best conditions for skiing in Spain occur during January and February when the ample snowfall makes for fresh daily powder and excellent skiing. December is the busiest month for skiing in Spain because this is when people in Spain and the rest of Europe tend to have their Christmas holidays.

Skiing in the Pyrenees in Spain

The Pyrenees Mountains in Spain host some of the best resorts for skiing in Spain. The Aragon area in the Pyrenees Mountains is home to two skiing resorts.  The Candanchu skiing resort is one of the best in Spain with over 50 ski pistes totalling more than 40 km in length. Accommodation at this skiing resort is also better than many others in Spain with three reasonable hotels and a few local restaurants to enjoy in the evenings.

Skiing in Catalonia in Spain

Catalonia is another area of the Pyrenees Mountains that provides good options for skiing in Spain. The La Molina skiing resort is an especially good resort for family skiing and beginner skiers because the pistes are not that difficult to negotiate. The Skiing resort at Baqueira-Beret in Spain is larger and more suitable for persons of different skiing abilities.  This skiing resort is one of the largest in Spain as it provides 73 ski pistes in total and is well equipped with modern ski lifts. The altitude of skiing here is between 1500-2500m. Be warned though that accommodation at this Skiing resort is expensive and often hard to find in the peak skiing season in Spain.

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