Chinese Zodiac Ox

Born in the year of the Ox? Want to know what that means? Find out about the character sketch that the Chinese philosophers have drawn up for Chinese zodiac symbol of the ox.

If you know the story of the race that determined the chronological order of the animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar you have to feel some sympathy for the ox. The big fellow was leading the race all the way through but little did he know that the rat was riding on its back and would steal the top spot right before the finish line. The ox therefore occupies the second position in the zodiac calendar.

The most overriding quality in the ox is the fact that they are physically strong and very dependable. Determination is also another inherent quality in the animal. The ox knows the way of the world and that you have to strive hard to achieve what you want.

This is the reason why you will fine oxen people to have a scrupulous behavior with regards to their dealing with the world. They are willing and able to take the right means to achieve their ends and don’t believe in searching for short cuts. They are respected because they are hard workers and similarly they respect others who work hard.

Although the ox knows how to make its way around the world it will always keep its ears open to the advice and opinion of others. As dependable as they are they also find it easy to place their trust in others and are taken aback when someone breaks their trust because for them that is something very low and inconceivable. They like to conduct their own research rather than follow others blindly.

Social Orientation

When it comes to building relationships oxen have a very peculiar behavior with regards to making friends. Rather than keeping a large circle of acquaintances that they hardly know they like to keep a close unit of a limited number of friends.

For the oxen the home is where the heart it. After a hard day’s work the ox loves to hit home and that is where they like to seek comfort. Oxen are considered to be very fond of reading and watching informative things. They are not the kind of people that are very fond of the urban lifestyle and would much rather prefer the rural outdoors to the concrete jungles. Their love for nature makes them fond of gardening in their homes as well.

Health Issues

With regards to their health oxen are generally healthy and have a long life expectancy along with a spirit to live life to its fullest. Their determination often makes them overwork themselves despite their potential to go on for long hours without tiring themselves. They like to keep busy and relax only in the little time that they can manage to cut out of their busy lifestyle.

Routine work is the way of the oxen. They have a very methodological approach to work which is what steers the way for them especially in jobs that involve routine work. Their nature is such that they like to be alone when working and that is when they are most productive. Oxen can make good engineers, draftsmen, brokers and officers according to Chinese philosophers.

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