Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Born in the Chinese year of the rooster? Want to know what that means? Discover the vibrant personality of the Chinese zodiac rooster that is loved by many and hated by others.

Confidence is the overriding personality trait of the Chinese zodiac rooster. This cocky creature occupies the tenth position in the Chinese zodiac calendar. It is a highly motivated character that is known for its pompousness.

Outspoken roosters

Rooster people are considered to possess excellent virtuous qualities such as loyalty and trustworthiness. One of the unique characteristics of rooster people is that they can be really blunt when speaking out their mind. If you ask them for their opinion they will not shy away from telling you what they think whether you like it or not. This is a trait that does not stem from arrogance rather it is their honesty that makes them speak the truth.

Roosters & boasting

When part of a social setting, the rooster likes to be the center of attention and it has all the qualities to do so. Rooster people are very sociable and always love to be around people. One of the things that really tends to get to people about the rooster is their tendency to go on and on about their own accomplishments in life. They don’t mean to brag but they love to boast about themselves in order to attract public attention.

The rooster likes to live in orderly fashion. Everything in their home will always be where it is supposed to be. Their active lifestyle keeps them physically fit and mentally sound. When the weather brings them down they are quick to fight their illness and get back up on their feet.

Roosters at work

Roosters have a good reputation when it comes to the professional circle. They are admired for their motivated approach and hard working habit. These characteristics are what make most rooster people get ahead in life.
According to the Chinese experts in zodiac sciences rooster people should go for careers in the fields of dentistry, book keeping, insurance and even the armed forces.

Roosters in love

When it comes to the opposite sex the rooster’s well defined personality makes them the kind of people that you either love or you cant stand. The fact that they tell it like it is makes them highly unpopular with people who might take their honest speech to the heart. This is why they do well with individuals who can handle the truth no matter how bitter it may be. Generally though, roosters love to shower their close associates with love and care despite the fact that they seem so stone hearty.

Others often tend to consider the rooster as an egotistical character. Although this may be true to some extent the fact that roosters are always willing to listen to the plight of others shows that they have a sensitive and caring side as well.

Roosters like to make friends but their uncompromising and vibrant personality traits often restrict them from developing their relationships with a lot of people. The rooster with all its traits is one of the more prominent characters in the Chinese zodiac calendar and tends to stand out amongst the others.


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