Chinese Zodiac Snake

Were you born in the year of the snake? Want to know what that means? Get an in depth analysis of the popular Chinese zodiac symbol of the snake.

The symbol of the snake is one of the more popular Chinese zodiac signs that is found featured on many different art forms. The snake seems to represent an intelligent personality that is full of grace. Known to posses a spirit of materialism the snake has a personality that is sharp at decision making. Analytical in nature the snake knows how to maneuver itself to its destination.

Snake Characteristics

Their practical approach makes them highly effective at what they want to achieve. They are known to have a targeted approach and occupy the sixth position in the calendar. The snake is however known to chase after material gains. They prefer the finest of things when it comes to their own surroundings. The home of the snake people is bound to be luxurious if they can afford it. They like to create an environment that brings them peace of mind.

Snakes & Stress

The snake loves to play it cool. Calmness is something that the snake treasures and loves to preserve. They hate to be in noisy environments and would much rather prefer a quite environment. When it comes to work they like to keep things under control and do not enjoy taking on too much burden on themselves.

There is one thing about the snake which is that it does not possess the strength to take too much stress. In fact taking on too much stress can really have a negative effect on the snake’s health and make it pessimistic.

Lazy Snakes

Although the snake represents a very hard working character they tend to be inconsistent when it comes to sticking to a job. This is because they have a tendency of getting bored easily. Their laid back attitude is the cause of this job hopping habit which is what has given them the reputation of being a slacker.

Creative Talent

At the same time snakes are known to possess a great creative side. They are also known to be great at problem solving and have the ability to meet tight deadlines. This is what makes them good short term employees. According to the Chinese experts in the science of zodiac people born in the year of the snake can make great painters, scientists, sociologists and astrologers.

Romantic Streak

When it comes to attracting the opposite sex the snakes are masters at the game. Seduction is something that comes to them naturally. They also like to take the lead when it comes to handling the relationship. When they feel as though the relationship is unlikely to work they will feel no hesitation in walking away.

Once the snake has chosen a mate it displays a lot of protective jealousy towards them. They have a tendency to become jealous easily and can be obsessive of their partners. They treasure their loved ones to the extent that they become overly obsessive. Although they may show calmness on the outside they tend to keep their real feelings deep down inside.

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