Chives Chinese Medicine

Interested in knowing about Chives in Chinese medicine? Read on to find out about the unique properties of this plant and its use in the traditional medicine practices of China.

Not many people are aware of the fact that “chive” is actually the name of a vegetable. This is because this vegetable has only recently been introduced to the English speaking masses. The vegetable goes around by different names such as garlic chives, Chinese leek, Ku chai or as it is most commonly known; Chinese chives and is known to possess many medicinal properties.

The characteristics and properties of Chinese chives

The Chinese chive plant grows distinctive flowers that are known to grow at an extremely slow speed although it pops up quite rapidly from the seed. The unique thing about Chinese Chives is that the beautiful flower is the vegetable that is consumed for its health benefits as well as an ingredient for flavoring. The Chinese chive has two basic forms; the cultivated and the wild.

The Chinese have a special way to treat this plant. When spring season arrives the Chinese chives are blanched by putting them under cover. The unique flower is a commonly used spice in Chinese cuisine as well. What is most special about the plant is the fact that it has high nutritional value and has traditionally been used in medicine.

Nutritional value of Chinese chives and its use in medicine

A 100 grams of Chinese chives have a total of 30 calories. They are known to be low in fat but are relatively high in dietary fiber as well as protein. They carry many health benefits by themselves as they are rich in Vitamin C and carotene. Another thing that makes Chinese garlic chives a popular ingredient in Chinese medicine is the fact that it is an excellent source of calcium. This truly gifted vegetable is also potent in Vitamin B1 and B2. Endowed with all these amazing nutritional strengths the Chinese garlic chives are classified as yin in Chinese medicine.

The fact that Chinese chives are endowed with sulphur rich mustard oil makes it an excellent ingredient for medicines that are geared towards improving digestion. The Chinese have long used the vegetable plant to prepare digestive medicines. Another health benefit to be derived from Chinese chives due to the presence of sulphur rich mustard oil is the fact that it helps to promote the flow of blood in the body.

The Chinese have long known the great potentials of this unique plant. In ancient times the Chinese would make use of chives in order to heal wounds. This is because the mustard oil gives the plant antiseptic properties that can be used on the human body in order to de-contaminate it and save it from developing septic diseases. The Chinese have benefited from this truly gifted vegetable by applying it as medicine as well as consuming it as a flavoring ingredient in their daily diet.

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