Scroll Silk Chinese Art

Want to buy some Chinese silk art? Take a look into Scroll silk Chinese art which is regarded as being the most unique form of art to have originated from China.

Scroll painting is one amongst the many unique art forms to have originated from China. The earliest examples of Chinese scroll silk art date back to over four thousand years ago. Scroll painting is considered to be one of the most highly revered forms of art that have gained world wide recognition today.

Scroll silk art is created using special brushes and ink. These are the same tools that were used for calligraphy at the time. In fact it is the practice of calligraphic arts that enabled the Chinese to develop their skills which they executed on the silk scrolls.

When you take a look into the various themes that the Chinese took up in scroll paintings we find that they took their inspiration from the world of nature. The majority of the scrolls display images of birds, animals, flowers, landscapes and even human beings. They would often make use of calligraphy as well to state some message or put forward some words of inspiration.

Zhejiang silk art

China it seems, was a breeding ground for many talented painters that have exhibited their high level of skill through this medium. The Zhejiang province is particularly known for being the platform from where this form of painting shot off. Today there is a university dedicated to Chinese scroll silk art.

The Chinese art of scroll painting is based on the connection between the brush, the ink, color and silk. This unlikely combination produces a truly unique body of art that stands apart from all other forms of art. Observing a Chinese scroll painting on silk you will find it to be full of spontaneous movements and thrifty line work. History tells us that the bulk of the Chinese people that took on scroll painting were initially talented calligraphers.

Scroll silk & poetry

Not many non-Chinese people know this but Chinese scroll silk art is actually associated with poetry. The paintings are actually appreciated for their lyrical quality and the knowledge of the art form. The collection of Chinese scroll silk art that is displayed in museums around the world clearly brings to light this aspect of Chinese scroll paintings.

Today this unique form of art has gained world wide recognition. For the non-Chinese population the scroll paintings represent a truly unique theme in an even more unique manner. The mastery of the Chinese artists over the brush and their interesting use of color is something appreciated by art critics from all around the world.

The Harnell gallery is one place that has some of the rarest Chinese scrolls to display. This unique collection has some of the distinct styles that existed within Chinese scroll silk art. Today Chinese scroll silk art is taken as a means of interior decoration. Replicas of the age old works of art are available throughout the world and are much sought after by the masses that are looking for something different for decorating their homes.

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