1700s France Mens Coats

Looking for a 1700’s France man coat? Want to know about all the different types of French men’s coats available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right coat for you…

In 18th century Europe, French styles and fashions were often copied by the royalty and landed gentry. A 1700’s France man coat had a specific cut and style that gave a man a long silhouette. The coat was fashioned by tailors to suit men of all heights and stature.

The 1700 France man coat had a full skirt but was soft. It had strong vertical lines that were complemented with rows of buttons. Cravats were long and hung loose on the coat. Bottomed wigs were worn over the hair together with the France man coat.

1700 France man coat began to be cut away from the front during the 1760’s. The new cut of the coat was matched with vests that were hip length. The court dress of France for men had long tails that were worn over tight knee length trousers and usually white stockings. Cravats were shorter and tucked into the neck.

The walking dress of 1700 France man coat was detailed by a longer coat that was suitable for the outdoors. Shorter waistcoats made their appearance by the 1780’s and collars could be folded over. Waistcoats were snugly buttoned over undershirts and stopped just above the trousers.

1700 France man coat were patterned velvet with silk embroidery for court functions and royal occasions. As the 1700’s drew to a close in France, there was a transition to short jackets that were worn over long coats with high waists. Men’s coats and general outfit were radically altered after the French Revolution.

Tailoring Details Of France Man Coat

The shirts worn under the France men’s coat was made of linen. The coat itself was stiff and would stand out from the body as the man walked. The colors of the coat were somber and the embroidery was mostly reserved for the waistcoat. Only buttons adorned the long coat worn over the waistcoat. The shirt had lace ruffles but the waistcoat was the most expensive of the men’s fashions. Breeches were fastened at the knee over the stockings.

1700 France man coat were long and stiff designs that were worn over a waistcoat. There were buttons on the coat and embroidery on the waistcoat. Court dress was significantly more elaborate than ordinary clothes.


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