Antique French Dining Tables

Did you always want to get an antique French dining table for your home? Have you been wondering about the different type of antique French dining tables available in the market? Read our guide for this and more information…

Antique French dining tables can add a historical appeal and allure to any home yet finding them can be fairly difficult simply because it is difficult to tell the fakes apart from the real things. So if you have been wondering how to distinguish the knock offs from the real antiques here are a few tips to help you out.

An antique French dining table can add a touch of French country style décor to your home. Most pieces of antique French dining tables date back to the 18th and 19th century. They can successfully add a rustic feel to your home even if you live in a condominium or a small city house. Antique French dining tables can be divided into three categories and these are Refectory tables, Harvest tables and Trestle tables. Even today these tables stand for good times spent by the entire family around the table enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Of the antique French dining tables the Refectory tables are the oldest and date back to the 16th century. These are the most popular of all antique French dining tables. In medieval France, one would generally see these tables in monasteries. They derived their name from the refectory where all the eating would take place and that’s where these tables would ideally be placed.

Another reason for their popularity is their extremely sturdy design. These tables are usually made of hard wood such as oak or walnut. They were usually designed to match the hardwood antique doors in many French homes. You will find that even today most of the authentic antique Refectory tables are still in mint condition after years of use. The design of a refectory table comprised of various joined wood parts with a top perched on top of beveled legs. Some tables also incorporated a set of drawers, one at each far end

A trestle table is a smaller version of the refectory table and can seat between four to six people. The design has the characteristic beveled legs with a simple top. Usually these tables come with chairs or benches as a set with all the pieces made of the same wood.

The Harvest tables are slightly different from these two varieties of antique French dining tables. They are characterized by the presence of two or more drawers along the longer sides. This makes them ideal for use not only as dining tables but also as desks. The design includes 4 separate, straight elegant legs. This is the table that inspired the modern day dining table in most homes.

You can use any one of these three tables to give your home the authentic French country look. It will be fairly easy to find a table that dates back to the 19th century but anything older will not only be difficult to find but also extremely expensive.

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