Arcopal France

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Arcopal France is one of the first brand names that had been launched by ARC International and has now been discontinued. The company is famous for other glass and dinnerware brands worldwide like the moderately priced Luminarc, the exclusive Cris d’Arques and prestigious Mikasa.

Superior Durability and Strength

The Arcopal France dinnerware is a white opal, break proof, tempered glass which has a fire glazed finish. This material is 100% non-porous and is fully tempered to resist thermal pressure and breakage.

Arcopal France is high-strength and durable, fully tempered, break and chip resistant glassware. The strength and durability of this glass was demonstrated at a trade show in which the company representative was hammering a nail into a board with a water glass manufactured by Arcopal France!

The Arcopal France dinnerware is five times stronger than china. It is fully tempered break and chip resistant glass. The glass can resist thermal shock as well as impact and is completely microwave-safe, dishwasher safe and break and chip resistant. Furthermore, the tempered dinnerware saves you space in your china cabinet as it is half the thickness of Chinaware.

Arcopal France Creation

The Arcopal France collection of fully tempered glass is produced by gradually heating, then swiftly cooling especially created glass one time or more, as required.  The manufacturing procedure of tempered glass is quite similar to that of tempered steel used in creating high quality tools or knives or weapons.

Tempering actually results in the creation of many layers with in the glass itself and thus strengthens it to the core. Then it further helps in eliminating all the stress points inside the glass sheet so it becomes shock and heat resistant and can stand extreme temperatures.
Arcopal France differs from the glass offered by other manufacturers who simply temper the rims of the glasses and not the entire glass.
Arcopal France is a Great Investment

Of course this glass will break but because of its strength the fully tempered glass breaks in small popcorn size pieces and does not shatter into sharp knife like shards when it breaks. Therefore, you are safe from getting a serious injury from the broken round pieces of tempered glass and for this reason it is called safety glass.

An example of safety glass which has been tempered in everyday use is glass shower doors, automobile side and rear windows. In fact now building construction codes require that the tempered glass be used in doors and windows starting from closer than 18 inches to the floor.
Arcopal France glassware does not necessarily break when it is damaged. In fact damage is often reported after it has slipped or dropped and met with heavy impact. The stress in tempered glass is stored in the layers and is often released when the glass suddenly shatters months later without an obvious cause.

The precipitating factor is often thermal stress and the release of the stored energy may cause the glass to scatter over a large area. It is advised that tempered glass be recycled and replaced with undamaged glass.

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