Chamonix Apartment Rental Guide

Are you going skiing in Chamonix? Are you looking for an apartment to rent in Chamonix? We’ve put together interesting information about apartment rental in Chamonix here?

Chamonix, located on Mont Blanc has long been a popular destination for people going on skiing holidays in France. During the last few years, however, Chamonix has undergone some significant changes, including increases in the price of apartment rental. Traditionally reputed amongst the ski community in France as the place to go for wild après ski nightly activities, Chamonix has a whole host of things that will attract you to come here. This means that if you’re considering apartment rental during the ski season in Chamonix, you’re not the only one. Demand for apartments is high in Chamonix and so are rental prices.

Expensive apartment Rental Chamonix

The high prices of apartment rental in Chamonix are justified in several ways. Firstly, as one of the premier skiing destinations in Europe, the skiing conditions and facilities are excellent. Aside from the world class snow and ski pistes that runs for miles and miles, the skiing infrastructure in Chamonix is well developed and means even when you’re not skiing there always stuff to be doing.

Increasing Apartment Rental Prices in Chamonix

Chamonix has seen something of a facelift in recent years. Whereas Chamonix used to be primarily popular with young skiers and snowboarders from France and abroad, the crowds that come skiing in Chamonix are starting to get older, quieter and more exclusive. One of the reasons for this is the high prices for apartment rental in Chamonix has priced out many young budget skiers who are now going to other ski resorts in France. This in turn has led to local business owners changing their businesses in Chamonix to better suit the people coming to ski there. Chamonix has seen a lot more up market and expensive restaurants open up in the past few years.

Apartment Rental & Purchase in Chamonix

Higher apartment rental prices in Chamonix are also just a reflection of higher property purchasing prices in Chamonix, France and Europe in general. This has been the general trend for the past few years.  When one considers that property prices in Chamonix have more or less gone up 300% over the past ten years, the seemingly unjustified hike in apartment rental prices in Chamonix takes on a new light and becomes more understandable.

Future Apartment Rental in Chamonix

Unfortunately for bargain hunters, apartment rental prices in Chamonix are only set to rise in the future. Not only is Chamonix fast establishing itself as one of the more exclusive ski resorts in France, but it has one distinct advantage over many other ski resorts that will ensure it’s prosperity in future years; altitude.  Chamonix is one of the highest altitude ski resorts in France which means that even when the weather in France gets warmer, which is already happening due to global warming, the ski season in Chamonix should remain unaffected.

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