Eastman Double French Horns

When purchasing a double French horn it is best to know about all the options available. Andreas Eastman is among the reputed names which may be suit your needs. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Andreas Eastman has made its name by developing a complete line of professional trumpets, trombones, euphonium and French horns.

Legacy of Andreas Eastman

The Eastman Company is unique in the way they work. Unlike other companies they have no industrial routers or computerized machines in their instrument workshops. Instead they use hand and sharp tools which were used in workshops 100 years ago. They have established their name as a reputed name in the band instrument business.

This specialty is evident in Eastman’s final product which is handcrafted stringed instruments made similar to as were made 100 years ago in German and French workshops.

Eastman produces brass and woodwind instruments while maintaining their tradition of maintaining superior quality at competitive prices.

The French horns amongst other instruments have been developed after thorough research by including the prominent makers and players to produce the finest instruments. They have addressed and looked into the issues caused by mechanical issues, pitch and tone of instruments.

The brass artisans working at Eastman are renowned for their passionate craftsmanship. Each instrument is made with utmost care, precision and perseverance to deliver utmost quality at all times.

Efh420 double French horn

The Eastman horns are meant to boost the player’s confidence by allowing easy, convenient and hassle-free playing. Although there are many styles or wraps in the market, Eastman has adopted the Kruspe style as their niche.
The Efh420 is a one of a kind French horn which is known for its easy playing. The French horn is a double horn and so has F and B flat keys. Its specifications include 0.468’’ bore, 12.4’’ bell diameter and has a hand spun yellow brass bell.

The lead pipe of the French horn is made from Yellow brass. The valves of the horn are made from hand lapped hard nickel silver and it has Epoxy Lacquer finish. On purchase of a new Eastman Efh420 horn you will get a mouthpiece and case to go with the horn. The Efh420 horn comes with a five year warranty.

Eastman vows to its commitment of traditional excellence in value and craftsmanship in every instrument that comes your way. With precise hand lapping, extensive honing, a lacquer room with and antiseptic environment all combine to bring together an instrument that the owner will love and cherish for years. So go and ahead and choose the horn you desire as Eastman vows to deliver quality and exceptional prices.

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