French Brittany Spaniels

Want to buy a French Brittany Spaniel? Do you know what to look for in a French Brittany Spaniel? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The outdoor man with hunting as a hobby or one of many including the maintaining of good breed dogs will probably go in for a French Brittany Spaniel as a companion and an astute hunter. The French Brittany Spaniel is thought to be a cross between the Orange & White Setter and a French Brittany hunting dog native to the Brittany province of France. The identity of the French breed is indeterminate. Widespread speculation points to the possible mating of native spaniels of Brittany with English Setters or Pointers since they work in a similar manner.

Brittany Spaniel Puppies

Whatever the origin of the French Brittany Spaniel, the dog has all the appearance of a strong, enthusiastic & dynamic one befitting an animal extensively used for hunting. The dog is of medium size, 30 to 40 lbs. and 17½” to 20½” high at the shoulder, closely knit and solidly built. The French Brittany Spaniel is endowed with long legs and being quick in movement, is capable of covering ground with ease and agility. The face of the French Brittany Spaniel sports an intelligent look and this look radiates from eyes that could be either tawny or hazel, depending on the color of the coat – which is generally either Orange & White, Liver & White or B&W. The nose, similar to the eyes, is also contingent to the color of the coat and is more or less predominantly dark. The triangular shaped ears are somewhat short, set high, a little fringed and fall close to the head.

Brittany Spaniel Breeders

The French Brittany Spaniel not only looks intelligent but its intellect actually matches its look and is extremely amenable to training as it is a dog which is eager to please. A gentle and devoted dog, always of a fair disposition but also vigilant it is also good natured. Sadly, they become nervous and shy if roughly handled. A few are restless and every now and then become agitated. This is why it is important to buy your dog from well reputed spaniel & French bulldog breeders.

Brittany Spaniel Training

A versatile hunter, the French Brittany Spaniel hunts like a pointer or a setter except that the French Brittany Spaniel has a relatively lesser range. He can point and hold and retrieve also, both on land and in water. He adapts to all types of terrain, be it woods or plains or hills. The dog requires a lot of exercise and the French Brittany Spaniel loves to hunt and such opportunities make him happy. Active as he is, indoor life is not recommended. If kept in one he must be taken for long brisk walks

The French Brittany Spaniel is a robust and healthy one. A few are prone to hip dysplasia and seizures but these are just minor aberrations. Minimum grooming is all that is required to keep its coat neat and shiny and it is also a light shedder.

Now that hunting is getting regulated to shorter ranges because of dwindling open spaces and a proliferation of fences, the French Brittany Spaniel is gaining more popularity as a hunting dog owing to its shorter range. They can also be well maintained indoors.

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