French Chefs Pans

Do you enjoy fine dining and trying out different recipes at home? If yes, read our guide for more facts and information on professional French pans and other cookware…

A lot of professional French chefs like to use copper cookware in their kitchens. The cookware will vary in different ways though. For example, the thickness of the pots and pans will vary. Also, the interior surfaces of the cookware varies. For example, some of the interior surfaces are lined with copper or tin. In addition, the cookware varies in the handles. Handles are usually made from cast iron, stainless iron or brass.

Different Kinds of Pans

There are special bread pans for making bread. Indeed, there are some pans which are made especially for making baguettes, including those in which one can bake two at a time.
There are also round steel frying pans.

Bun or Roll Sheets/Trays

Though not ‘pans’ these are a necessity for anyone who takes their French cooking seriously. These are used to make French buns, subs and baguettes.

These are usually made of woven glass fabric which is impregnated and then coated with silicone that is safe and food grade. It is also commonly made of Silform which is pre-formed and provides the baking sheets or trays with flexibility. These trays must be non-stick. Good quality trays/sheets will be reusable for at least 2000 uses. They should also be heat resistant for up to +580 degrees Fahrenheit. They should also be easy to clean because of their non-stick quality.

French Bread Pans

One can usually find one long pan in which one can bake two baguettes at a time. These pans are manufactured especially to make baguette making easier. These pans are normally made from aluminium. The normal shaped bread pans to make traditional loafs of bread are most commonly made of Exoglass and will include a stainless steel lid. These pans are wonderful because they are non-stick so no greasing is required before loading in the dough for baking. It is best to get such a pan that is resistant to heat temperatures of up to 482 degree Fahrenheit.

Black Steel French Pans

These types of pans are very strong. The reason for the popularity of these types of pans with professional chefs is their excellent heat conducting capability. These can be used well with electric stoves and gas stoves. These tend to be quite expensive, and the price increases proportionally to the size.

Professional Spatulas

Of course, if one is buying a professional chef’s pan a good spatula is also needed. Some of the best spatulas to get are made of polyamide plastic. Though it is made of plastic it is resistant to heat as much as 430 degrees Fahrenheit. A good size spatula is usually 12 inches in length and 3 ½ inches in width.

The most important things to consider when purchasing professional French chef pans and cookware is the heat resistance, the non-stick factor and durability to last many years. But there are many manufacturers of these types of cookware and so it will not be struggle to find a chef’s pan that one can afford.

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