French Cuff Dress Shirt

Do you want to know the best way to wear a French cuff dress shirt? Have you always wanted to dress up in style in French cuff dress shirt? Then, Read our helpful guide to make a style statement with your French cuff dress shirts…

French cuffs have been around for more than a hundred years yet the style is as fashionable today as it was a century ago. Traditionally, French cuffs were designed so that royalty and other rich gentlemen could display ornate cuff links. The French cuff has evolved a lot since it founding days. Today there are three distinct styles of French cuffs; the French round, the French Straight and the French cut. French cuffs are longer than the traditional cuffs and they are by far the most popular choice for semi formal black tie events.

But by no means are French cuffs restricted to semi formal events and here are the various ways and occasions to wear them.

They can be worn successfully for a business meeting. When worn correctly they bespeak of class and power. French cuffs in a  formal setting go well with finely cut custom suits. You should opt for suits that have a trim fit but not the slim fit as it is a more informal look. The best suit colors are Navy blue or Gray but not Black. For the shirt color stick to traditional solids like french blue or white. The finish of your shirt should be smooth. Go for the traditional French square cuffs and compliment your attire with understated cuff links. Since it’s a formal occasion you don’t want anything too flamboyant. The best metals would be silver or rose gold. But remember to match the metal of your cufflinks with your watch and your belt buckle.

A french cuff dress shirt can be worn with equal panache with a tuxedo. But you will need to choose your shirt wisely. It should be trim and you should be able to tuck it in well. A wing collar looks the best with a tux and remember to tie your own bow tie. You would ideally need a traditional French square cuff shirt but the link holes should be positioned forward. This way you can make sure that the cuff links are seen past the jacket sleeve. Since you are wearing it at a formal affair like a wedding feel free to wear vintage or heirloom link in a precious metal.

A french cuff dress shirt can also be worn for a night out. Think Brad Pitt when you think about unbuttoned french cuff dress shirts. If you want to carry this look, you will need the sleeves to be shorter by about 1.25”. This way you will be able to wear the cuffs unfolded without the link. The ideal combination would an unbuttoned french cuff dress shirt with a light colored suit or you could also pair it with a light weight sports coat. Make sure that the jacket fits well otherwise you will look more sloppy than trendy. Of course wear this look without the tie.


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