French Door Hardware

Looking to buy some French door hardware? Want to know where to get the best French door hardware at discount prices? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

French doors generally open out into patios, balconies, gardens and when installed indoors, into other rooms. They are elegant in appearance and serve both functionally and architecturally. Functional or otherwise, the necessity to close them and prevent unauthorized entry is one of utmost importance and the hardware required to accomplish this comes in  a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and operating technologies.

Generally speaking, the main items that comprise hardware include French door locks & handles, hinges, door knobs, aldrops, ped bolts, tower bolts and the like. Not much thought has to be given to hinges as they are almost always out of sight, but most of the others will be in full view and have to be chosen carefully to complement the door and also blend with the atmosphere of the room where the door is located.

 French Door Installation

Too much thought need not go into the choice of the “size” of the French door hardware to be used as the choices are not as varied as the shapes, designs and colors that are offered. Whereas the chosen design and shape should not clash with that of the door, the more intricate the door the more ornamental the form and design. Simple shapes and designs will go well with less elaborate doors. Though the availability is varied the choice of the same is not difficult.

 Interior French Door Hardware

The same can not be said of color. A great deal of attention has to be given to the selection of the same. The preferred color should not be in conflict with the color of the door and at the same time merge and mingle with the color scheme of the room also. Satin Taupe, White, Satin Chrome, Brass and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), Oil Rubbed Bronze & PVD and Gold Tone are some of the colors that are available, to name just a few. PVD is a metal finishing procedure in which high performance metallic compounds are converted from a solid to a vapor state in a high-tech pressure chamber. This metallic vapor is then deposited over the brass base metal substrate, generating a finish more resilient than lacquer based finishes.

Other than the above mentioned items, the abundance of available Cornices – shallow decorative boxes designed to conceal drapery hardware, Lambrequins – large cornice pieces that completely frame a door or window, fancy trims such as fringe and braids applied to French door panels and the other trimmings and embellishments make the treatment of French doors as nearly as difficult as the Labors of Hercules.

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