French Antique Furniture

Want to buy antique French furniture? Do you know how to tell authentic French antique furniture from fakes? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The 18th and 19th century brought about a revolution in the manufacturing industry. This is especially true in France and the evidence is widespread in furniture warehouses around the world. Common furniture includes antique French armoires, chairs, chandeliers, commodes and tables. Due to the large amount of furniture that was produced at this time, it is possible to find very historic pieces for reasonable prices. However finding antique French furniture in perfect quality is a rarity after all these years.

French Antique Chairs

A well-knownpiece of furniture is the antique French chair. These generally have a patterned cushion on the seat and this is often accompanied by a cushioned back. One would normally notice that the sets of chairs for dining or the like have a wooden back where as the lounging chairs do have this attached cushion. Although they may come in many colors, pink was a popular color when accompanied by dark wood. Alternatively there were many primary recliners which had leather cushions of a darker red color and many other types of seat such as benches which combined to two materials.

Another type of famous antique French furniture is the chandelier. These constructions arose from the booming glass industry of the 18th and 19th centuries and they were often very extensive and delicate hanging structures. Although you may find many replica chandeliers, authentic items are much harder to find then the simple French chair. This is most likely due to their fragile nature and worth, as glass was still not a common material when chandeliers originated. Due to fire danger, most French antique chandeliers that have survived to this day already have or have to be fitted with electrical light bulbs to be of any practical use. This is in contrast to the many candles that originally sat upon these structures.

French Antique Furniture Prices

Many other types of French furniture including desks and cupboards are to be found and some in quite good condition. These pieces were constructed with several types of wood, gilt-iron, glass and other metals. They are often exquisite, with detailed carvings or moulds. If you are looking to purchase some authentic French antique furniture, you should most likely get an independent value for the piece to be assured of its authenticity. If you are in the market, you will most likely be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices of some amazing pieces due to the many pieces of French antique furniture that are in circulation.

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