How To Dress Like A Parisian

Want to learn how to dress like a Parisian? Read our info on the Parisian dress sense and how you can imitate it…

Parisians tend to be very meticulous about their sense of dressing. Their clothing reflects a sophisticated taste with various elements used in complimentary fashion to add some chic to basic dressing.

The silk scarf for example is one of the trademark Parisian fashion accessory items. However in order to get the Parisian look you will have to tie it loosely around your neck preferably upon a neutral colored overcoat. Similarly a tight chignon with a sophisticated design, which appears to be like a bun tied at the nape of the neck is another trademark Parisian element. And not to forget, the footwear! Sneakers and bulky shoes do not go with the Parisian look. Rather you will have to opt for stylish and sensible city shoes.

They say when in Paris, dress like the Parisians do. Although Paris is the center of fashion, the locals prefer wearing more conservative clothing. Mini skirts and tight tops are a definite No-No in Paris. Women in Paris like to show off well tailored clothes and that is taken as a sophisticated sense of dressing rather than tight fitting clothes.

Simplicity is the underlying principle that dictates how to dress like a Parisian. Flashy accessories that will detract attention from the outfit are not supported. Furthermore the Parisians prefer using darker colors.

The two main themes that the Parisians adhere to when creating a stylish look on a daily basis are layering along with accessorizing. An example of layering that you are likely to find amongst the Parisians and not the Americans is sporting a dress on top of a pair of jeans. This unique concept creates a distinctive style. If you get a little creative you can create amazing outfits using the basic clothing items that you already have in your closet for the purpose of creating a Parisian look.

Then there are some vital accessories that can be used to compliment your French style of dressing. Items like hats, bags, shoes and sunglasses are a must for every Parisian and hence every individual looking to dress up like a Parisian. A classic hat in one of the traditional French styles is surely a must when looking to capture the Parisian look.

Parisians make use of belts but not for the purpose of holding up their pants. Rather they are extremely selective about the belt they use with every get up because they are regarded as being one of the most important fashion accessories.

In order to complete the Parisian look, sport a decent pair of designer or knock off sunglasses with your attire. When it comes choosing color combinations the Parisians seem to be very good at matching. However if you do not trust your color selection skills then you can stick to a neutral theme.

The use of Jewelry is minimized in the Parisian look. Delicate and simple jewelry is preferred and that too in just one or two places. A pair of earrings or a bracelet would suffice.

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