Quimper France

Are you considering visiting France? Do you want to know what the city of Quimper has to offer? Are you interested in learning about Quimper’s historical feel? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Quimper, France is found in the southwest of Brittany which is located in western France. Quimper serves as the capital of the Finistere department for France. In the region of Brittany, Quimper is the oldest city. Despite, Quimper’s age over 63 000 people reside within its boundaries and they are able to enjoy a historic city with modern updates.


Quimper is located in the heart of a valley and the centre of this old city is located where the rivers Odet and Steir meet. The location of the city was the original inspiration for the name, Quimper. Throughout the city, the rivers are crossed by small bridges commonly constructed from wood, although other materials are also used. In the heart of the old part of the city the streets are cobbled and medieval half timbre buildings are common. The city of Quimper, however, has grown since its founding in the 17th century. As a result of the growth the historic buildings are interspersed with modern structures that were constructed to meld with the historic architecture.

What to do

Once you have arrived in Quimper, the city has many unique attractions to experience as Quimper is known as the cultural and artistic centre of the region of Brittany. Due to the cobbled streets and design of the historic town it is recommended to explore the city on foot if possible, as many streets in the old town do not permit cars. It is also popular to experience Quimper by hiring a boat and drifting down either the Steir or Odet rivers.

The architecture in Quimper is spectacular and is highlighted by the Saint-Corentin cathedral.  Quimper also hosts a museum of fine arts which features in its collection various pieces by artists of the area. Quimper also has many small beautiful restaurants to visit while exploring the city. There are many other events and things to enjoy in Quimper; however, one highlight if you are visiting in the winter months is Quimper’s winter festival.

Quimper Pottery

Within Quimper’s boundaries there is also the Pottery ceramics museum which celebrates the Quimper pottery for which the city is famous. This museum offers visitors the chance to learn about changes in manufacturing techniques throughout the years. The museum has many techniques to discuss as Quimper Pottery originated in the 17th century.

This long tradition of pottery making continues today and a common souvenir from Quimper is a piece done in the traditional design. Quimper pottery is created in the bold provincial designs originally done by Jean Baptiste Bousquet. Quimper pottery is but one more reason that a visit to Quimper is an enjoyable experience.



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