White French Provincial Chairs

Do you know how to use a white French provincial chair to give your home a chic look? Did you always want to know more about the history of white French provincial chairs? Read our guide for more information and facts…

A white French provincial chair can add a distinctly chic aura to your home. Not only do they look very inviting but they are also very comfortable. You will find these chairs in many antique and contemporary furniture stores. A white French provincial chair is an exquisite piece of furniture to own that can add a touch of class to your house. The chair has a characteristic design. It was introduced in France in the royal courts and palaces. Eventually the design found its way to homes all over Europe and today they are famous the world over. White was the original and traditional color of the chair and even though several versions in different colors are available today white still looks the best.

These chairs are also popularly known as bergere chair. Even though a white French provincial chair looks the best in a French country home setting it can blend as easily with the other styles of décor as well. With an increase in popularity new design features were implemented in the chair with many modified versions of the original. Chairs with modernistic features became particularly popular and still remain popular among most people.

A French provincial chair has some characteristic features that set it apart from other arm chairs. In these chairs upholstery is used on the back and on the seat as well. The chair features a very large cushion with upholstered arms which make it extremely comfortable. The frame is made of wood and it is left exposed. This accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the chair. The chair is further embellished with ornate carvings. This adds to the ornamental look of a white French provincial chair. The carvings usually have a floral motif with many twists and turns. The chair will cost you more if the design of the carving is intricate.

There are several ways to coat the wood used in the frame. The easiest is to leave it untreated; this will give the chair a natural look. Other options include paint, stains of different colors and even gold leaf for those who can afford it. It is also usual for manufacturers to give white French provincial chairs a faux antique look. Many interior designers will reserve a separate place for a French provincial chair in a home. It is by far the most inviting and exquisite looking over stuffed chair that you can find. You can either have a single chair in your home or you could include a set of 2 or 3 chairs in the seating arrangement. The chairs can be moved around with a little effort and will provide a perfect backdrop for an evening spent in pleasant conversation.

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