Angels Spanish Fork

Growing the Angels Spanish Fork? Learn more about the Angels Spanish Fork and how to grow this beautiful herbaceous perennial…

The Angels Spanish Fork (also known as the Angels trumpet) has an astounding growth rate and is a sprawling herbaceous perennial plant. Its stunning pale lavender or white flowers are shaped like trumpets.

It has a mounded habit which grows up to 3 feet high and 6 feet across. The trumpet-like flowers which it its name are generally 8 inches in length and can grow up to 6 inches across. They are normally held erect throughout the summer months. They have a slight and pleasant fragrance and bloom throughout the summer.

The flower known as the Angel Spanish Fork generally opens in the early evening and keeps blooming and stays open until the afternoon of the next day.

This beautiful flower has foul smelling leaves which are very rough and coarse to look at and feel. The leaves of the Angels Spanish Fork can grow up to 10 inches in length while they can attain a width of 4 inches. The fruit of this perennial consists of small spiny rounded capsules. They have small seeds which number in the hundreds and resemble tomato seeds.

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