Business Hours in Spain

Goingto Spain for business? Visiting Spain on holiday and what to know about openings hours for shops and museums in Spain? Our guide to business hours in Spain gives you the information you need

As a general rule, business hours in Spain commence from 9-2pm and 5-8pm with the afternoon siesta for which Spain is famous occurring in between. The working week in Spain runs from Monday to Friday like elsewhere in Europe. Because of the diversity of Spain’s regions there does tend to be some variation in business hours depending on which part of Spain you are in. In the South of Spain people tend to take a longer afternoon siesta opening their businesses at around 6pm and staying open until 9pm. Sunday is still considered a holiday in Spain and the majority of businesses stay closed on this day.

Restaurant and Café Business Hours in Spain

Restaurants in Spain have different business hours from shops and government institutions. Restaurants in Spain tend to open for lunch at about 1pm and stay open until 4pm, after which they close for the afternoon. Restaurants in Spain then open again for business in the evenings and the business hours are roughly between 8pm until midnight.

Café Business Hours in Spain

Cafes in Spain have different business hours to restaurants mainly because of the need to cater for customers in Spain wanting breakfast. Café business hours in Spain are generally from between 7-8am and will stay open continuously until some time in the mid evening after which people in Spain frequent the tapas bars which can stay open until the early morning.

Shop Business Hours in Spain

Business hours for shops in Spain tend to run from 9-2pm and 5 until 8 or 9 pm; however, shops designed to cater specifically for tourists tend to be open on Sundays even if only for the morning part of the business hours in Spain. Also, big name department stores in Spain which sell everything from food to clothes operate continuous business hours from the morning to the evening without closing down for the afternoon siesta.

Museum Business Hours in Spain

Museum business hours in Spain vary; however, be aware that many museums in Spain are closed on Mondays.

Government Office Hours in Spain

Business hours for government institutions in Spain also vary with many not opening for the afternoon session. During the summer months, many government institutions start early and close for the day by 2pm.

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