Popular Spanish Foods

Spanish cuisine is as intriguing as are Spanish names. If you are interested in knowing what are the most commonly consumed food items during a day in the life of a true Spaniard then read on and give yourself a treat.

The lifestyle and culture of Spain has been influenced by a number of nations that have had the chance to rule over it. This includes people from different races, religions and languages. Each of the successive nations that have passed has had some sort of influence on the cuisine of Spain. This is why we find the Spanish cuisine to be extremely diverse and unique. Many of the dishes are a fusion between something of one culture mixed with something of another. This experimental spirit of the Spaniards has resulted in dishes with distinctive tastes. Another highlighting feature revolving around Spanish cuisine is the timeline around which the Spanish cuisine revolves. Popular Spanish foods therefore revolve around the popular Spanish eating times.

Popular Spanish Breakfast Food

First up we have the breakfast which is a relatively small meal when you compare it to the other cultures of the world. The Spaniards load up on a strong coffee with hot frothy milk to start their day. This hot drink is known as the café on leche. The most popular breakfast foods are bollos which are actually sweet rolls with jam, Magdalenas and lemon flavored cupcakes. Other popular Spanish food for breakfast is the sugary churros.

Popular Spanish Lunch Food

The second round of eating starts a few hours after lunch and this is by far the most interesting time to eat. This is because there are a number of tasty delights to indulge in that are particularly made for this time of the day. The most popular tapas item is the Tortilla Espanola which is a Spanish omelet with potatoes. Another super hit item for this time of the day is the Patatas Bravas. These are basically potatoes that are served with a Spicy Brava Sauce. Amongst the tapas time dishes is the Gambas al Ajillo which consists of shrimps in garlic.

La Comida or lunch is where you get to load up on Spanish food in full. There is a set routine that the Spaniards like to follow for lunch time which consists of multiple courses. The most popular start to lunch is with a vegetable or seafood soup which is then followed up by the main course. Fresh fish or seafood is very popular for lunch. A number of other dishes are made from chicken and lamb which is the most favored meat of the Spaniards. Fried potatoes and bread are always by the side during lunch time. Lunch is served with salad and ends with dessert.

Dinner Food in Spain

In the evening it is time for La Merienda which is snack time in Spanish. Popular items for this time of the day are chorizo and salami on bread and French style bread with chocolate. La Cena or dinner starts off late and again we have fresh fish and seafood as the obvious choice. Night time is also roast time as the Spaniards love to enjoy roasted chicken or lamb for dinner. Rice is also widely consumed during the night time along with fried egg and tomato sauce. The Spanish are late sleepers and they often need a snack to bite into before bed. Churros and hot chocolate is the best bed time story for the Spanish.

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