Things to do in Mallorca

Are you going on holiday to Mallorca in Spain? Do you want to know what sights and activities there are in Mallorca in Spain? Our guide to Mallorca in Spain gives you facts & information about sightseeing in Mallorca.

Mallorca, in conjunction with Ibiza and Menorca form the Spanish Balearic Islands which are situated just off the coast of Mainland Spain.Mallorca is the largest, and probably the most visited of the Balearic Islands in Spain. Although the native population of Mallorca in Spain numbers only about 750,000, Mallorca in Spain receives millions of holiday makers every year. Mallorca covers about 3500 square kilometres land. The coasts of Mallorca are almost all idyllic beaches replete with the golden sand and warm blue water characteristic of beaches in Spain.  Inland Mallorca features high land villages interspersed between quiet woodlands.

Mallorca Museum in Spain

Mallorca is a part of Spain with a particularly rich history. Because it is an Island in a strategic body of water, it has, at various times been invaded and controlled by different armies, each leaving their mark on Mallorca in Spain.  The Museum in Mallorca is the best place to come for an idea of just how rich and varied the history of Mallorca is. The Museum itself is housed in a 15th century palace and contains an impressive display of artefacts from different eras of the history of Mallorca. The Mallorca Museum also has a quite large collection of religious Christian art.

Almudaina Palace in Mallorca Spain

The Almudaina Palace in Mallorca was originally built by the Muslims when they ruled this island in Spain. It has since been lived in by various monarchs that have ruled Mallorca throughout the Island’s history and is to open to the public for touring.  The main attractions of this palace in Mallorca in Spain include the splendid architecture as well as a collection of paintings depicting various members of Spain’s nobility from the past. Admission to this palace in Mallorca is 3.30 Euros.

Cathedral in Mallorca in Spain

The Main Cathedral in Mallorca is situated in Palma de Mallorca which is the capital of Mallorca in Spain. The Cathedral in Mallorca dates back to the thirteenth century.  Like many cathedrals in Spain, This cathedral in Mallorca was built on the site of what used to be a mosque built when Spain was under Muslim rule. The Cathedral in Mallorca also has an accompanying museum with a few, mostly religious displays.

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