Shopping Tips for Spain

Are you looking forward to some shopping on your next holiday to Spain? Do you want to know when & where to go shopping in Spain? Our guide to shopping in Spain gives you the information & facts you’ll want to know.

Whether it’s electronics in Andorra or the flea market in Madrid, Spain has something to suit everybody’s shopping needs. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most popular things that people look for while shopping in Spain.

Textile shopping in Spain

Spain is a great place to go if you are shopping for textiles to decorate your home. Among the many things people buy while shopping in Spain are the carpets woven by local artisans in Spain. If a carpet is a little too big to fit in the suitcase when leaving Spain but you still want to do some textile shopping, then try shopping for a tablecloth produced in the distinct style known to Spain.

Leather goods shopping in Spain

Spain is one of the best places in Europe to go shopping for leather goods. Among the leather goods that people go shopping for in Spain are leather jackets, shoes and belts all produced in Spain using traditional methods. If you want to go shopping for a souvenir in Spain then a leather wallet or purse is always a good option. People like shopping for leather goods in Spain because the quality of both the leather and craftsmanship in Spain are believed to be of a high standard.

Clothes shopping in Spain

Spain has a host of fashionable clothes shopping districts in all of its major cities. Barcelona, Madrid and the touristy island of Ibiza all have plenty of districts where you can go shopping for the latest in designer fashion labels.

Handicraft shopping in Spain

A cheaper shopping option in Spain is to go shopping for arts & crafts made in Spain. The best place to go shopping for ceramics & pottery crafted in Spain is the in the southern cities of Spain like Toledo and Seville. If you want to go shopping for wood carvings and similar ornaments in Spain, the best places are the towns along the coasts of Spain.

Bargaining while shopping in Spain

Bargaining while shopping in Spain is similar to many other European countries. As a general rule people do not haggle while shopping in big department stores, although it is acceptable to try and negotiate the price down in your favour if shopping in  smaller stores and market places across Spain.

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