Things to do in Andorra

Do you want to spend a day in Andorra on your holiday to Spain? Want to know what there is to do in Andorra? Our guide on things to do in Andorra gives you the information you’ll want to know

Andorra is a popular shopping haven for people from all over Europe due to the fact that there is no sales tax levied in Andorra. People from Spain and France often pop over to Andorra for one day to do some shopping and take advantage of the cheaper prices in Andorra. Andorra is a good place to go shopping for things like electrical goods

Skiing in Andorra

Andorra is a popular destination for skiing with people from all over the world coming to Andorra every winter. Andorra hosts several ski resorts of varying size and with different standards of accommodation facilities. One of the best ski resorts in Andorra is the Arisnal ski resort in the North West of Andorra which boasts a multitude of ski pistes to suit all levels of ability.

Mountain walking in Andorra

During the summer months the weather in Andorra becomes pleasantly warm.  The mountains of Andorra lose their snow and the landscape becomes refreshingly green. Mountain walking in Andorra is a popular activity during the summer. Many of the mountains in Andorra have lakes scattered amongst their valleys and plateaus which are a great place to take a break. Those who are fit enough should try walking up to Pic de Coma Pedrosa in Andorra. This is the highest point in Andorra standing at 2942m. There is a lake with a nearby restaurant half way up this mountain in Andorra, making it a perfect place to have lunch on the way.

Spa in Andorra

The Caldean spa in Andorra is a great place to spend an evening relaxing after a day of walking or skiing in the mountains of Andorra. This spa in Andorra is a 600 square metre body of water that is heated by natural springs in Andorra. The water temperature at this spa in Andorra is kept constant at 32 degrees making it soothingly warm. Entrance to this spa in Andorra costs 26 Euros and is open until 11pm in the evening.

Museums in Andorra

Andorra is only a 500square kilometre stretch of land with a tiny population of 70,000 people. This means there really isn’t much by way of museums in Andorra although there are a couple of options. The postal museum in Andorra is near Ordino and has displays of most of the stamps that have been used in Andorra since the postal service began.

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