Cycling in Spain

Are you contemplating a cycling holiday in Spain? Want to know where & when to go cycling in Spain? Here we’ve put together some important information on cycling in Spain you will want to know.

Cycling is a popular sport in Spain, both with the local people of Spain as well as holiday makers, many of whom come to Spain specifically for the cycling. Whatever your age, fitness level of travelling circumstances, Spain has suitable cycling options for you. There are several easy cycling routes perfect for a leisurely family cycling trip in Spain. There are also cycling routes in Spain that take weeks to complete and are only recommendable to real cycling enthusiasts.

 Cycling Areas in Spain

All regions of Spain have something to offer those wishing to do some cycling in Spain. Your decision on where to go cycling in Spain will depend largely on seasonal factors. During the summer, Andalusia and the rest of the South of Spain are far too hot for cycling during the day; however, during the seasons of spring and autumn the weather for cycling in the South of Spain is perfect. The best place to go cycling in Spain during the summer is the North of Spain, particularly the Basque region which includes San Sebastian and Bilbao; however, be aware that the road gradients in this region can often be quite steep making cycling quite tiring.

Cycling Route Information for Spain

The best place to obtain information on cycling routes in Spain if from any local tourist office in Spain. The tourist office should provide you with a map of the most popular cycling routes in Spain that are demarked according to difficulty level. Alternatively there are several cycling clubs across Spain that know the best places to go cycling. Calling in at a local cycling equipment shop in Spain may lead you to the contact details of one of these cycling clubs in Spain.

Cycling Equipment in Spain

Serious cycling enthusiasts will want to bring their own bike to Spain, although there is the option to rent a bicycle in Spain. Major cities in Spain and popular coastal areas such as the Costa Brava almost certainly have cycling shops that will rent you a bicycle for however long you want. Wearing a helmet while cycling in Spain is mandatory according to the law although in reality enforcement can sometimes be quite lax.  There is no need to bring along spare cycling equipment in case of breakdowns because even smallish and medium sized towns in Spain will have a cycling shop offering spare parts and repairs.

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