Spanish Commands Nosotros

Learning Spanish commands nosotros? Discover the basics of the commands nosotros as part of Spanish grammar…

Spanish commands nosotros pertain to the first person commands in the Spanish language. It is a good idea to learn them in conjunction with other grammatical rules.
You can find many online resources which include written lessons along with quizzes that will help you perfect Spanish grammar and get a good hold on Spanish commands nosotros.

Spanish commands nosotros are basically utilized when the speaker is included in the phrase. The idea of ‘let us’ which includes the speaker as well as other individuals in the statement is portrayed with the use of these first person commands.

So to form the Spanish commands nosotros a speaker would utilize ‘let us’ in conjunction with a verb or a call to action. To establish this command the nosotros is utilized in the form of a present subjunctive.

Spanish Commands Nosotros Positive Form

‘Let us count the money’ would be translated as Contemos el dinero in Spanish where dinero stands for money. Similarly ‘let us eat’ there would be translated as Comamos allí in Spanish.

Spanish Commands Nosotros Negative Form

If you want to give a negative command you will require the use of the word ‘no’ before the present subjunctive or the same verb. In this situation the first statement which was let us count the money will be changed to let us not count the money.

So in Spanish the first nosotros was stated as Contemos el dinero in the positive form and this will now become No Contemos el dinero referring to let us not count the money. Similarly the statement Comamos allí suggesting let us eat there will be changed to No comamos allí which means let us not eat there.

However, an exception to the rule comes when the verb utilizing the present indicative for the positive command only is used. For example the statement ‘let’s not go to the store’ would be translated as No vayamos a la tienda whereas ‘let’s go now’ would be Vamos ahora.

A unique aspect of Spanish commands is that a written accent is added when pronouns are used. The basic rule implies that the last S of the verb form is removed prior to introducing pronouns ‘SE’ or ‘NOS’.

An example for this rule is ‘let’s write it to them’ which would be Escribamos + se + la = Escribámosela, or ‘let’s sit down’ which becomes Sentemos + nos = Sentémonos.

However, this is not the case with the negative Spanish commands. For example ‘let’s not write to them’ will translate into No se la escribamos and ‘let’s not sit down’ will become No nos sentemos.

It is important to know that ‘Vamos a’ can be utilized in conjunction with their infinitive to convey the meaning of let’s plus a verb. This would entail that you can say the same statement in two different ways and a good example to illustrate this is the statement ‘let’s work together’ which can be stated as Vamos a trabajar juntos to incorporate Vamos a plus the infinitive. Apart from this you can state the same by using Trabajemos juntos.

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