Univision Radio Spanish Con Piolin

Want information on Univision Radio’s Spanish Con Piolin? Discover how the anchor on Univision Radio the Spanish Con Piolin gained popularity across the United States…

Univision Radio Spanish has Piolin as a popular anchor on the leading morning show titled Piolin por La Manana. The show has recently been expanded in terms of its syndication across the country.

The show is hosted by Eddie Piolin Sotelo. It will now be syndicated to eight more of the stations owned by Univision radio along with the top 10 stations in the market in Chicago as well as New York.

Apart from this the show will be aired for one hour on Saturdays in Miami on the WRTO-FM. San Diego residents will be able to catch Univision Radio Spanish Con Piolin on the KLNV-FM station while those in San Antonio can tune into the KCOR-AM to enjoy the program locally.

Provisions for residents interested in the Univision Radio Spanish anchor Con Piolin’s show in El Paso have been made by syndicating with KBNA-FM whereas those in Albuquerque can use KJFA-FM, while residents of McAllen can enjoy the program on KBGT-AM.

With this new strategy of syndication there will be approximately 24 clear markets for the program to be aired in. Many surveys have been conducted on Piolin Sotelo’s programs and it is top-ranked in Los Angeles in each of the services.

Furthermore KSCA-FM was rated as the number one morning show during the fall survey amongst most of the major demographic groups who were polled. In fact this widely syndicated show which has been boosted by the vice president of programming for Univision radio will make it the most widely listened to program on the Spanish-language radio stations.

It is quite an achievement for a program to become the most listened to and syndicated Spanish-language radio program in the history of Spanish-language radio programs in the entire United States.

Univision Radio’s Spanish anchor Con Piolin will have to stay on his toes to compete with Luis Jimenez of the Spanish Broadcasting System who runs a morning show on the WSKQ-FM in New York.

Now allowing access to this Univision Radio with their Spanish anchor Con Piolin on New York radio waves has set a precedent for an ongoing contest and tussle between both these radio stations.

Their hosts battle for the Hispanic listener base in New York and try to grab the maximum number towards either of them to increase their ratings and revenue.

Unlike previous decades Spanish-language radio has gained popularity and can no longer be marginalized or ignored. If you check the Arbitron fall ratings, then WSKQ and WPAT-FM run by Spanish Broadcasting Systems in New York was ranked at number two in New York and number three in overall Spanish-language radio ratings.

Conversely in Los Angeles the KLVE-FM and KSCA-FM stations managed by Univision Radio were top-ranked at number one and ranked number two overall in terms of targeting radio audiences for all languages. Univision has a substantial standing with the Hispanic population in Chicago where the radio station WOJO-FM was ranked number five.

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