French Antique Beds

Are you looking to buy an antique French bed? Do you know how to tell the difference between a genuine antique and reproduction antique bed? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Buying a French antique bed is a superb way of adding a hint of French rustic charm into any bedroom, and it is not for nothing that French style antique beds are as popular today as they were at the time of King Louis XVI.

French antique beds, like the antique French table,  are typically made with sturdy wooden frames which make them practical and durable as well as beautiful. The actual type of wood used in making these antique beds varies depending on the century they were made in; however, pine, walnut, Blackwood, and mahogany are all popular choices.

Although thick and sturdy, antique French beds also make great use of extremely intricate designs which are engraved into the head and foot boards of the beds. Some beds even come with matching antique French chairs. Designs very often include floral patterns although landscape scenes have also been known to be used in some antique beds. Another feature of French antique beds are the carved shapes of the legs which are very often circular at the feet.

Buying an Antique French Bed

There are several online retail stores selling antique French beds ranging in period from Louis XVI right up until relatively more modern art deco pieces. Provided your antique dealer is well known in your area and has a good reputation you need not worry about buying a fake antique bed, although the chances are you will also be paying top dollar for your bed. If you want a cheaper alternative the only real viable option is to scour the hundreds of flea markets in Paris France which is actually where most antique dealers pick up their goods from. However, in order to do this you not only need to be in France, but you should also do a considerable amount of reading before making your purchase so that you can identify what exactly it is you are buying.

Restoring a French Antique Bed

Although restoring a French antique bed is not a particularly difficult task, it is nonetheless one that needs knowledge and experience and as such is best left to a professional antiques restorer. The restoration on an antique French bed usually includes covering over scratches and other imperfections that have appeared on the bed over the years. This involves stripping off a layer of varnish, sanding down the bed frame and re applying a fresh layer of wood stain or varnish.

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