French Antique Armoire

Thinking about buying an antique French armoire? Want to know how to get the best deal on a genuine French antique armoire? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

An armoire is the perfect way to add a touch of style to any living room interior or perhaps even in a study or bedroom. Because of their versatility, an antique French armoire can be placed almost anywhere in the house and still serve a useful function without appearing out of place. Armoires can be used to store a wide variety of things. Originally they may have been used to store clothing in bedrooms, crockery in the kitchen, stationary and writing utensils in the study or even jewelry in the mistress’ chambers. In essence, an armoire is basically a closet or cupboard ( although quite different from an antique French cabinet )that is used for storing things that are needed but not kept on open display all the time. How you use your armoire and where you put it in your house is entirely up to you.

Buying a French Antique Armoire

When buying an antique French armoire or any item of antique French furniture you should be mindful of a few things. If you want to enjoy looking at your armoire while still being comfortable in the knowledge that your antique is likely to appreciate in value over the years, then you should think long and hard about where you are going to put it in the house and who is going to have access to it. If you have kids running about the house or you expect to use your antique armoire like any other piece of furniture, the chances are that sooner or later it will suffer some wear and tear and the value of your investment will depreciate.

Buying your armoire from a reputable antique dealer is probably the best way of ensuring you are purchasing a genuine antique; as antique dealers rely heavily on their reputation for honesty for repeat business. However, if you are hunting for a bargain then the best place to find your French antique armoire is at one of the many flea markets in Paris France.

Antique French Armoire Prices

Prices for genuine French antique armoires vary depending on age, rarity and condition. Generally speaking, the older the piece, the more valuable it will be. Exceptions to this rule are when there are sometimes relatively more modern pieces that are still extremely rare, in which case the prices are raised. The condition of your antique French armoire is another factor that goes in to determining price. Even small imperfections or scratches on the wooden surface of the armoire can result in a significant drop in price for a particular piece.

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