Driving in Hungary

Are you going on holiday to Hungary? Perhaps you’re thinking about driving while you are in Hungary? Our guide to driving in Hungary gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know

Driving conditions in Hungary

Driving conditions are generally good. The roads in Hungary are well paved and driving laws are sufficiently stringent and strictly enforced.  The road network is extensive making most areas of Hungary accessible through driving. Like any other country in Europe, the climate of Hungary means one has to be aware of severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and fog, and drive appropriately.  People in Hungary drive on the right side of the road.

Driving & roads in Hungary

In addition to ordinary roads in built up areas of Hungary there are two other types of road in Hungary for which different driving rules apply. Firstly, there are motorways of which there are a total of seven in Hungary. Some, but not all of these motorways exact a toll for driving on them. There are also dual carriageways which are more prevalent and connect all major cities and towns in Hungary to the capital of Budapest.

Driving & fuel in Hungary

Petrol is not especially cheap or expensive in Hungary, but about the same as you would expect to pay in any other European country. Petrol stations are widely available in Hungary and most towns will have at least one that is open 24 hours per day.

Driving licenses in Hungary

If you are coming from abroad and want to do some driving in Hungary, then all you need is your driving license from your home country which will suffice. Only after one year of driving in Hungary will you be expected to apply for a Hungarian driving license.

Driving & insurance in Hungary

At least 3rd party insurance is compulsory for anyone wishing to do some driving in Hungary, whether they are in a rented car or their own car.  Accidents are quite common in Hungary so it may be advisable to have as much insurance as possible.

Driving speed limits in Hungary

Speed limits in Hungary vary depending on what type of road you are on. In urban areas of Hungary the driving speed limit is 50 km per hour. This is for the safety of citezens and persons who may by cycling in Hungary. For dual carriageways in Hungary the speed limit is 80 km per hour. If you are driving on a motorway in Hungary the speed limit is 120 km per hour.

Drink driving in Hungary

Hungary has a zero tolerance policy on drink driving, and by and large the people of Hungary obey the law. If you are caught driving even after only having a couple of units of alcohol you are most likely to be prosecuted.

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