Architecture in Spain

Want to learn about architecture in Spain? Interested in viewing the architecture of Spain on your holiday? Here we’ve provided some useful facts & information about architecture in Spain in a historical context.

Although there are archaeological remains of architecture in Spain that predate the Romans, these are simply a few sparse archaeological sites of old hamlets scattered across Spain. The earliest examples of architecture in Spain that are still visible today date back to the period of Roman rule in Spain. The two most prominent pieces of Roman architecture in Spain that survive today include the amphitheatre near Seville and the ruined roman towns of Tarrogona in Spain.

Christian Architecture in Spain

The earliest visible examples of Christian architecture date back to the 7th century when Spain was ruled by the Visigoths. Visigoth architecture in Spain was confined primarily to small churches many of which still stand today and are scattered across the rural areas of Spain. Visigoth architecture in Spain is characterised as being quite simple yet attractive and often includes arched doorways.

Muslim architecture in Spain

The Muslims ruled Spain for four hundred years during the middle ages and left many examples of architecture that are still standing in Spain today. The most prominent example of Muslim architecture in Spain is the mesquita situated in Cordoba in the South of Spain. Muslim architecture in Spain has many characteristic features. Among the features of Muslim architecture in Spain are ceramic tiles decorated with intricate geometric patterns and Arabic calligraphy. Another feature of Muslim architecture in Spain is the quiet inner courtyards that these building possess. The most prominent example of Muslim architecture that can still be seen in the North of Spain is the Aljaferia palace located near the city of Zarayoza. This piece of architecture in Spain features geometrically patterned tiled walls and was originally built as a pleasure palace for the local Muslim rulers in Spain.

Romanesque architecture in Spain

Romanesque architecture in Spain dates back to the 11th century during the time of the Christian conquest of Spain. The most typical examples of architecture from this period of Spain’s history include a multitude of churches located at various towns across the North of Spain including San Sebastian, Bilbao and Pamplona. This genre of architecture in Spain is relatively simple in comparison to architecture from other periods of history in Spain.

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