Scuba diving in Spain

Interested in doing some scuba diving in Spain? Want to know when & where to go scuba diving in Spain? Here we’ve put together some of the best information you need to know about scuba diving in Spain.

Spain is a fantastic scuba diving destination.  With more than 4000km of shoreline Spain provides excellent choices for scuba diving. Spain has extensive shorelines on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea providing excellent yet different scuba diving experiences.

Mediterranean Scuba Diving in Spain

Scuba diving in the Mediterranean is an incredible experience because of the different dive sites on this side of Spain. The warm Mediterranean water around Spain also makes scuba diving a more comfortable experience. The Mediterranean coastline of Spain is well equipped with many Scuba diving companies that offer scuba diving tours to various sites around the Mediterranean waters of Spain. The majority of these scuba diving companies are staffed by fluent English speakers and are perfectly capable of dealing with English tourists wanting to learn scuba diving. These Scuba diving schools have fully qualified diving instructors who can teach you internationally accredited scuba diving courses.

Scuba Diving at the Costa Brava in Spain

The Costa Brava in Spain is one of the premier scuba diving and sailing destinations on the Mediterranean coast. The Illes Medes are a series of small islands that are popular with scuba diving enthusiasts because of the vast and varied marine life that can be seen there. This place became a protected site in the 1980’s and since then over 1000 species of animal & marine life have been found thus making it a popular scuba diving destination.

Atlantic Scuba Diving

Although the Atlantic Coast of Spain is one of the most popular surfing spots in Europe, scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean from Spain is less popular with tourists and therefore less developed. Scuba diving tour operators here don’t always speak English; however, this shouldn’t stop scuba diving aficionados from experiencing the different scuba diving sites this side of Spain has to offer. Main scuba diving centres on the Atlantic side of Spain are San Sebastian and A Coruna. Be aware that the Atlantic waters are colder than the Mediterranean and that one will probably need a full wet suit when Scuba diving here.

Balearic & Canary Island Scuba Diving in Spain

The Canary and Balearic  Islands are both popular scuba diving destinations in Spain and offer a multitude of god scuba diving spots including coral reefs.

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