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Chinese Water Dragon

Discover the characteristics of the Chinese water dragon which is a reptile native to the highlands of China.The Chinese water dragon is known as Physignathus cocincinus in Latin. On a broader level they are known as Asian water dragons, green water dragons and Thai water dragons as well. Another version of the Chinese water dragon [...]

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Chinese Dragon Art

Discover the extensive library of Chinese dragon art and find out what the image of the dragon means to the Chinese.The image of the dragon finds itself manifested in many different variations springing from the Chinese culture. The mighty mythical beast has been part of Chinese traditions for many centuries and till today it is [...]

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Chinese Dragon Dance

The Chinese dragon dance is one of the biggest attractions from the country of China. Find out about its origins and importance in Chinese culture.The dragon dance is one of the strangest yet intriguing elements of ancient Chinese tradition. It is a dance performance unlike any other that you would ever get to witness. The [...]

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Red Chinese Dragon

Find out about the red Chinese dragon, its modern usage and its place in history.The image of the red Chinese dragon is most frequently noticed in Chinese restaurants all around the world. As it is red is considered to be an appetizing color hence it is commonly used in Chinese restaurants. The image of the [...]

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Chinese Snake & Dragon Compatibility

The snake and the dragon have distinct personalities according to the Chinese zodiac. Find out what makes the two signs compatible despite their differences.Both the images of the snake and the dragon seem like quite evil omens on the surface. In fact much of the Western world takes them as signs of evil. This is [...]

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Chinese Dragon Head & Face

Interested in the meaning behind the Chinese dragons facial expressions? Find out about the inspiration that led to the development of the Chinese dragon’s head and face.It is amazing to note the disparity that exists between the western interpretation of the dragon and the Chinese. The western world takes the fire breathing dragon at its [...]

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Chinese Dragon with Clouds

Find out about the different meanings that the classic Chinese dragon with clouds composition has.The dragon was taken as a symbol of cosmic Chi energy in ancient Chinese culture. From all the good fortune symbols in China the dragon is by far considered to be the most potent of them all. The dragon is also [...]

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Chinese Astrology Fire Dragon

Discover what kind of personality the zodiac sign of the dragon is considered to have when it is combined with the element of fire to become the Chinese fire dragon.When it comes to the Chinese zodiac the famous Yin Yang symbol is broken up into five different elements. These elements are wood, earth, fire, metal [...]

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Chinese Dragon Festival

Find out about the different activities that take place during the Chinese dragon festivals and its historical origins.The dragon festival is one of the most unique events that you will ever get to witness. The event revolves around the sport of dragon boat racing. It is known as the Duanwu Festival in China. This is [...]

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Chinese Dragon Paintings

Discover the collection of Chinese dragon paintings and find out the different reasons for which they are held in high esteem.The symbol of the dragon holds great prominence in Chinese culture. This is evident when one observes the art heritage of the country. When we delve deep into the history of Chinese art we find [...]

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Chinese Dragon Boats Heads

Find out about the ancient legacy of dragon boat racing during which the Chinese would decorate their boats with dragon heads.One of the ways in which the dragon is manifested in Chinese culture is in the form of a boat. The dragon boat as it is known is a unique and creative innovation that seeks [...]

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Chinese Dragon Costume

Interested in Chinese dragon costumes? Learn about the craft of making a Chinese dragon costume and the different ways in which it is used.The Chinese dragon is composed of a combination of different physical features taken from various animals. The end result is the classic image of the dragon that finds itself represented through various [...]

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Chinese Dragon Boat Race

Want to learn about traditional boat racing in China? Find out about the ancient dragon boat race and how it has managed to become a world wide sportThe dragon boat race is an ancient ritual that was practiced in China and has now gained world wide popularity. In China the race goes by the name [...]

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Chinese Tree Dragon

Want to learn more about Chinese tree dragons? Find out about the behavior and natural habitat of the Chinese tree dragon in our information guide.Known as the Gonocephalus abbbotti in the world of zoology the Chinese tree dragon has only recently attracted the interest of the world at large. This unique reptile which has only [...]

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Long Chinese Dragon

Discover the legacy of Long the Chinese dragon and the different aspects of its development in Chinese culture.Although much of the western world is aware of Puff the magic dragon not many know of Long the Chinese dragon. Long is actually a general term used to refer to the dragon in China. There are nine [...]

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Baby Chinese Water Dragon

Want to buy a baby water dragon for a pet? Find out what you need to know if you are planning on keeping a baby Chinese water dragon in your home.The Chinese water dragon is not a mythological character originating from the Chinese culture. It is a real life reptile from the agamid family of [...]

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Chinese Dragon Sculpture & Statues

Want to buy a Chinese dragon statue? Learn about the amazing collection of Chinese dragon sculptures and statues that date back to ancient times.The dragon has been a prominent part in the history and mythology of a number of oriental countries. One can find the mythical character being represented through various forms of art in [...]

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Chinese Fireball Dragon

Find out about the fire breathing dragon known as the Chinese fireball dragon and how it has risen to popularity all around the world in modern times.The dragon takes on many forms in China. One of the more popular dragons is the Chinese fireball dragon. This amazing mythological creature is also known as the Liondragon [...]

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Chinese Dragon Craft

Interested in discovering the Chinese dragon craft? Find out about the wide range of arts and crafts dating from ancient times to the present day.A vast portion of the Chinese arts and crafts collection is based around the image of the dragon. This clearly goes to show the cultural significance held by the dragon in [...]

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Chinese Dragon Masks

Find out about the historical origins of the Chinese dragon mask and why it is still a prominent part of Chinese culture.The Chinese dragon is one of the most profound identity forming symbols of Chinese culture. The dragon has long been part of Chinese tradition and till today holds a prominent place in the contemporary [...]

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