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Chinese Classical Music

Interested in Chinese classical music? Find out about the history and evolution of the unique sounding Chinese musical art form and its variations.Archaeologists have been able to unearth musical documents and artifacts dating back to the earliest Chinese civilizations. The first formalized musical culture came into being during the Zhou dynasty that lasted from 1122 [...]

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Chinese Music Instruments

Interested in knowing about Chinese music instruments? Find out as we explore the various instruments used in China through the course of history.Music has been an integral part of the Chinese culture since the very beginning. Chinese musicians were highly skilled and developed highly complex forms of music using many different instruments. Along with the [...]

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Ancient Traditional Chinese Music

Interested in ancient traditional Chinese music? Find out about the distinct musical styles and their prominence in the culture of China.The history of traditional Chinese music goes back to the earliest Chinese civilizations. When we study the history of ancient traditional Chinese music, we find that their existed two broad categories; classical and folk. Traditional [...]

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Music for Chinese Dragon Dance

Interested in the music for Chinese dragon dance? Find out about the traditional musical style to which the dragon dances in China.The Chinese dragon dance is one of the unique aspects of the mysterious Chinese culture. It involves a team of dancers under a dragon costume dancing to live music. It has been a ritual [...]

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Chinese New Year Music

Interested in Chinese New Year Music? Find out about the origins of the traditional style and its use in modern times across China.The history of music in China dates back to the earliest Chinese civilization. It has existed in many different forms and has been used for many difference purposes. Live musical performances were an [...]

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Chinese Flute Music

Interested in Chinese flute music? Find out about the history of the flute and its use in different musical forms around China.The flute in its many manifestations has been one of the most popular instruments to have been used in China. The Chinese version of the flute was famous by the name of dizi and [...]

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Chinese Folk Music

Interested in Chinese folk music? Read on to get an overview of the kind of folk music that was traditionally played in different areas of the country.Music has been a prominent part of the Chinese culture since many centuries and continues to be a rich traditional heritage today. The Chinese were renowned as having extremely [...]

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