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German Daggers

Interested in German daggers? Learn more about the different prewar and postwar presentation and commemorative German daggers…There are many different German daggers classified as military class, commemorative class and presentation class daggers. Some of these are available for sale as there are many collectors of these relics. They are available from select retailers in military [...]

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WWII German Daggers

Interested in the WWII German Dagger? Learn more about the special World War II German daggers…There are special commemorative and combat World War II German daggers. One such piece is the German SS World War II RZM Dagger. This is one of the SS daggers that have a black enamel scabbard on it. The blade [...]

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SS German Daggers

Interested in the SS German Dagger? Learn more about the SS German daggers which are maker marked and highly valuable…When it comes to the SS German daggers you can find great authentic maker marked 1933 German SS daggers that are marked by HERDER. One of the best examples of the German SS dagger is the [...]

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German Dagger Parts

Interested in German Dagger? Learn more about the different retailers focusing on German daggers and German dagger parts…German daggers are still very popular with collectors today. Ranging from the prewar era to the post-World War II era, there are amazing styles of daggers available. From the commemorative land and customs department daggers, the German SS [...]

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German Officer Daggers

Researching the German Officer Dagger? Learn more about the German officer daggers for the Air Force and SS…The German officer daggers were issued to military and police personnel as required. One of the scarce and rare German model officer daggers include the SS 1936 Chained Officers Dagger. It has a beautiful chained scabbard and is [...]

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German Ceremonial Daggers

Interested in the German Ceremonial Daggers? Learn more about the fire, Land and Customs and Railway German ceremonial daggers…The German ceremonial daggers were issued for different government controlled divisions. Some of the German ceremonial daggers are categorized as the high leader style. These were signed by Hitler and were issued to commemorate the special services [...]

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German Youth Daggers

Interested in German Hitler youth daggers? Learn more about the commemorative and dress German youth daggers…There are rare and selective German youth daggers available-for-sale from exclusive collectors and sellers. These are available at varying prices but are very rare. Youth Dress Dagger One of the most exclusive daggers is the Hitler youth dagger which is [...]

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