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Swedish Antique Furniture

The Swedish people were little addicted to luxury when southerly countries were indulging in the elaborate furniture productions of the Renaissance. Not until the seventeenth century did furniture designing in this country adopt any particular degree of cosmopolitanism. This advance took place gradually as a result of stimulation from Holland, and to a lesser degree [...]

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Swedish High Chairs

Swedish high chairs provide comfort and convenience for your child’s needs. High chairs provide toddlers the opportunity to join the family table for meals. Read our guide for more facts & information…There is a wide range of high chairs to choose from.  For a parent, important features to look for are functionality and safety.  Swedish [...]

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Swedish Dining Chairs

Dine in elegance with classic Swedish dining chairs. Entertain guests and showcase your fabulous Swedish furniture. Read our guide for more facts & information…Swedish furniture of the Gustavian style is reminiscent of the period’s solemnity with its subdued colors and paled hues.  This color palette attracts light and softens dark gloomy rooms. This fresh and [...]

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Swedish Kneeling Chairs

Are you aware how Swedish kneeling chairs can help you prevent neck, back and shoulder problems? A Swedish kneeling chair will instantly correct bad posture and prevent many spinal cord related problems…Bad posture is no doubt the prime culprit when we are looking at a variety of neck, shoulder and back problems experienced by people [...]

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Swedish Rocking Chairs

Do you know that antique Swedish rocking chairs are also known as gungstol in Swedish? You can learn more about the history of the Swedish rocking chair if you read our guide for more facts and information…According to American legend, the rocking chair was invented by Benjamin Franklin. Legend has it that he just took [...]

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Antique Swedish Chairs

Antique Swedish chairs date back to 1700’s Rococo Period and Gustavian Period, when Sweden introduced several chairs with carved edges and rounded backs, besides rocking chairs and armchairs. Read our guide for more facts and information…Though comfort is the basic aspect while purchasing a chair, antique styles still intrigue people worldwide. Antique chairs are exhibited [...]

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Swedish Ergonomic Chairs

Swedish ergonomic chairs offer an innovative and advanced solution for postural problems such as neck cramps, backaches and similar ailments caused by long hours of sitting in workplaces. Read our guide for more facts and information…Ergonomics is the science related to equipment design meant to maximize support and musculoskeletal comfort. The term is formed from [...]

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Swedish Recliner Chairs

Swedish recliner chairs exhibit a luxurious seating style, predominantly made of leather, and offer handy and convenient features that may be automatic or operated by levers. Read our guide for more facts and information…A recliner chair is basically an armchair, which reclines according to the occupants maneuvering operations, and comes with a backrest and foot [...]

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Swedish Leather Chairs

Swedish leather chairs are a luxury item that you must have to pamper yourself. Read our guide below for more facts and information on these grand chairs…Swedish leather chairs are available all over the world and are globally in demand due to the excellent quality of leather and craftsmanship exhibited in these chairs. Their assortment [...]

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Swedish Antique Wood Chair Styles

Swedish antique chairs look royal and majestic. Read our guide below for more facts and information on Swedish antique chair styles…When we speak about furniture, the first piece that came into existence was the “Stool” in 3100 BC followed by the “Chair” after some 600 years. The history of furniture and how various civilizations influenced [...]

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