Indian Suits

Want to buy Indian suits? Looking for the perfect Indian suit? Read on to find out about the kind of variety you will be able to find in traditional Indian style suits…

Indian clothing has become extremely popular as the interest in Indian fashion has grown across the world. Suits from India are coveted for their beauty, excellence in craftsmanship and vibrant mix of colors. Apart from this Indian fabric like hand-woven cotton and silk allow for a natural and breathable fabric which is easy on the environment and the skin.

The popularity of Indian suits has increased because most of them are now catering to casual wear that caters to Western needs also. The heavy embellishments have given way to creatively incorporated embroidery and crystals. The main purpose that embellishments serve now is to highlight or accentuate a fabric. Previously the fabric was used as a ground to showcase the craftsman’s skill in creating embellishments.

However, this does not necessitate that all Indian suits have become light and wearable. Traditionally, heavily embellished clothing is still very popular on a local and international level.

Charm and Grace of Indians Suits

These highly crafted pieces are coveted across the world for their amazing designs and beautiful mix of colors. Often if you pick up an outfit from a range of clothing on display it seems to stand out as an individual and not part of the entire collection. This is the main beauty and uniqueness of Indian suits. Each outfit looks different when it is worn by an individual. The main reason for this is that the outfits are usually created for an individual and are custom stitched to the size of the wearer.

Variety of Design and Structure of Indians Suits

Indian suits are available in the form of a long shirt with short sleeves or long sleeves. This is often finished off by a pant which has a gathered waist and may have a straight or pleated front which runs down the legs of the pant. This is known as the Salwar Kameez and is worn by men and women. The outfit for women is available in different colors and styles ranging from elaborate necklines and embellishment across the shirt or borders of the pants.

The men wear this outfit in the form of a solid shirt which may be bright or conservative in color and is often complemented by a white or black pant or trousers. The shirts are embroidered and embellished according to the occasion they will be worn on; the more formal event the heavier the embellishment. Women generally take a long scarf similar to the outfit which is worn from the front of the neck to the back. Men usually have a contrasting color stole to finish off their outfit.

Another interesting outfit worn by women is similar to the skirt and blouse worn by Gypsy women. The skirt starts at the waist and finishes at the ankles and may be either one legged or two legged. If it is a two legged skirt then there are gathers on the knees with a strong border to keep it straight.  The browser is usually created to finish right on top of the skirt or to keep the midriff visible. A long scarf is used to complement the blouse. Indian outfits may be created in different materials ranging from natural cotton, silk, satin and brocade. The heavy materials are utilized for creating party and wedding Indian suits.

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