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Ancient Chinese Culture

Interested in knowing about ancient Chinese culture? Get the highlights of the customs and traditions that were practiced in ancient China.The Chinese civilization is one of the world’s oldest known cultures that spans over a large area of land in East Asia. China is an ancient civilization that has many mysterious and interesting aspects in [...]

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Chinese Food Culture

Interested in knowing about the culture that surrounds Chinese food? Get an insight into the Chinese way of cooking.Amongst the many interesting aspects to have originated from China is the culture that revolves around the cuisine of the region. The food culture of the country is as rich as its art heritage if not more. [...]

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Chinese Traditions & Culture

Interested in Chinese culture? Take a dive into the mysterious and complex traditions and culture of China.The culture of China is one filled with mystery and complexity. There are many unique customs and traditions practiced in the country that have been around for many centuries. Today the world has been exposed to this unique culture [...]

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Chinese Wedding Culture

Going to a Chinese wedding? Discover the elaborate rituals that make up the unique Chinese wedding culture.Marriage is a sacred bond but the wedding culture is a traditional norm. The wedding culture in China is very unique and a prominent part of the society. What remains of this culture today is an edited version of [...]

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Chinese Culture Religion

Find out about the strong connection that exists between Chinese culture and religion as we take a look into the different beliefs that have been prevalent in the China over time.The Chinese culture has been greatly influenced by the religious philosophies that have been prevalent in the country over the years. The three most prominent [...]

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chinese family

Chinese Culture Family Life

Find out about the importance of family life in the Chinese culture and how the family structure has changed over the years.The institution of family is the pinnacle of society. This is a fact that has long been realized by the Chinese who hold the family bonds as sacred and honor them accordingly. The traditional [...]

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Chinese Children Culture

Want to know what life is like for children in China? Find out the culture and traditions that revolve around Chinese children in the country.Spanning over a time period of more than five thousand years the Chinese culture is one full of many contradictory practices that have come about as a result of the collision [...]

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Chinese Culture Symbols

Discover the identity forming Chinese cultural symbols that are instantly associated with the unique culture of the region.Every culture has some identity forming symbols that are instantly associated with that culture. The Chinese culture being one full of symbolism has many prominent symbols that can be termed as the cultural symbols of the country. The [...]

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Chinese Tea Culture

Find out about the importance of tea for the Chinese people and the traditional Chinese tea culture that has developed over time.The consumption of tea has been an age old practice in China. In fact there is a specific culture that surrounds the preparation of tea and the way in which it is served on [...]

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Chinese American Culture

Chinese American Culture

Find out about how the Chinese American culture has come into being and the unique characteristics of this way of life.The Chinese American culture is a phenomenon that has come about as a result of the presence of people of Chinese origin in America. Over the years many people from China have immigrated to America [...]

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Women in Chinese Culture

Interested in knowing about the role of women in Chinese culture? Get an overview of the women and their evolving role in Chinese society.The role of women in Chinese culture has changed over the years. When we consider the position that women held in ancient Chinese society we find that they have come a long [...]

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Chinese Last Names

Interested in knowing about Chinese last names? Find out about the different kinds of Chinese last names and their origins.The last names that are used by many of the Chinese people today actually belong to the Han Chinese and the Sinicized Chinese ethnic groups. When we speak of Chinese last names we are actually talking [...]

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