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Australian Political History

Government Australia’s national day, 26 January, celebrates the founding of the first permanent European settlement in 1788. Many Australians commemorate this anniversary with a mixture of national pride and shame fur the infant colony of New South Wales was born as a penal establishment under military rule and signalled the dispersal, dispossession and numberless deaths [...]

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The Expansion of Australian Frontiers

The initial exploration of the continent was by sea, and Matthew Flinders was one of the outstanding navigators of his time eventually circumnavigating the entire land mass. George Bass and Matthew Flinders explored the south coast of New South Wales from 1795, and by 1799 they had proved that Van Diemens Land was an island [...]

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The Early Years in Australia

The character of convict society has been a matter of much historical debate and our attitudes towards the convicts have changed. Were they hardened criminals or victims of a harsh penal system, transported for no more than stealing a mere loaf of bread or a petty act of poaching? Although research has shown that most [...]

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Australia: History Since European Contact

Maritime Exploration and Colonisation Aboriginal people arrived in Australia at least as long as 40,000 years ago, possibly earlier, island-hopping along the broken chain of land that once connected the continent to the islands of what is now Indonesia. It was inevitable that other groups in the region would have explored the area between that [...]

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