• Things To Do in Fuerteventura

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A Guidance through Ancient Religion in China

If a foreigner had come to the cosmopolitan court of China in the Eighth Century A.O. and asked a gold-robed courtier, “What is the official Chinese religion?” the courtier would have replied, “The proper and seasonable worship of the gods of the mountains, rivers and seas and of our noble an­cestors, as laid down in [...]

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A Life Of Great Contradictions In Ancient China

The traditional components of ancient Chinese society under the supreme ruler were the great lords who governed the land in his name, the knightly gentry who populated their courts arid fought their battles, and the peasants who provided the necessities of life to all classes. Outside this class structure, and therefore hardly recognized as true [...]

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Ancient China: A Golden Age In Bronze

The Chinese, more than most people, have always looked back on their earliest years as the “good old days,” a time when men were virtuous and life was at its best. Their view of that distant era relied more on fable than on fact, however, until this century, when archaeologists unearthed hundreds of objects made [...]

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