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The Middle Kingdom Of Ancient China

In 481 B.C. the lord Szu-ma Niu was driven by rival barons from his fief, one of the many walled towns of northern China, and he set forth on a long journey to the south in search of a new land-holding. His destination was the state known as Wu near the mouth of the great [...]

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Ancient China: A Golden Age In Bronze

The Chinese, more than most people, have always looked back on their earliest years as the “good old days,” a time when men were virtuous and life was at its best. Their view of that distant era relied more on fable than on fact, however, until this century, when archaeologists unearthed hundreds of objects made [...]

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Chinese Antique Furniture

China And The Philippines Far Eastern furniture, executed under the influence of European designs, is in general strongly characteristic, but in some instances may approach these designs rather closely. Native materials and joining methods usually distinguish even the closest parallels, which may be found in examples made for European residents. Perhaps one of the closest [...]

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Dutch Colonial Antique Furniture

A large quantity of furniture was made for the early Dutch settlers in their colonial possessions. Such pieces are often distinctive in their native designs and materials, and were often constructed with wood pegs without the use of glue, while others were copied directly from Dutch models. Small furniture centers existed in Java, where a [...]

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