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Novelties: Thriving Market

It would scarcely be possible to enumerate, far less to illustrate, the infinitude of objects that sometimes find their way into antique shops, which properly belong to the gift shop trade. However, it is a well-established fact that certain glass concerns have thrived on a business devoted largely to outright copies of old pieces, or [...]

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Dolphin Candlesticks and Compotes

Among the earliest items to be sought eagerly by collectors before the great vogue developed for either blown or pressed glass were candlesticks, particularly those known as “dolphin.” Since the demand was great and the supply limited, reproductions duly followed. Genuine dolphin candlesticks were made both early and late, but it is as easy to [...]

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Antique Ceramics

It is not possible in this volume to expatiate fully upon all the reproductions of the various lines that fall properly under the heading of ceramics. My particular province being glass, I have not had occasion to devote much study to pottery and porcelain. All I shall attempt is to describe those fakes which are [...]

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Antique Bohemian Glass

At various intervals since collecting American antiques became the fashionable fad in this young country of ours, there have been revivals of interest in Bohemian glass. Upon hearing the name, the average collector immediately conjures up a vision of a ruby-red glass with grapevines and bunches of grapes etched or engraved in a frosted effect [...]

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