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China And The Outer World

China taught the world and China learned from it. Through the centuries China’s influence on its neighbors particularly Japan, Korea and Tibet was incalculable, and its contributions to world civilization ranged from mechanical clocks and fireworks to porcelain and poetry. In turn it owed much of its own richness and diversity in medieval times to [...]

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Discoverers and Inventors in Ancient China

The men of Ancient China searched earth and sky to discover the truth about the world and its work­ings, yet they would have been baffled by the idea of “pure science.” They did not probe the unknown for whatever unsuspected truths might still lie hidden there. They did not carry out experiments uncommitted to specific [...]

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The Art of Printing in Ancient China

One of China’s most important contributions to civilization was the invention of printing, a revolutionary development that took place in the Eighth Century, some 700 years before it appeared in Europe. Made possible by two other Chinese in­ventions, paper and ink, printing was at first largely confined to copying Buddhist scriptures. But within 200 years [...]

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The Concept Of Cosmic Plan In Ancient China

Whatever roles in life they played or whatever gods they worshiped, the men of Ancient China viewed themselves as actors performing on a cosmic stage. They were primarily concerned with the structure and form of the world in which they lived and with the mysterious forces that operated within the geometric framework of that world. [...]

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