• Things To Do in Fuerteventura

    Are you planning a trip to Fuerteventura in Spain and want to learn more about what the island has to offer? To find out more ...

My Sailing Experience Through The Windward Isles

I spent a fortnight in Barbados making good defects, varnishing and painting the ship and enjoying fresh food ashore. Brian and Ursula Jones, who had sailed their Buchanan yacht Halcyon from Cape Town, were most hospitable and I was able to see some of the island with their many friends; one day I lunched at [...]

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How to Plan a Caravan Trip to New Zealand

Taking off the trodden trail in a caravan is an excellent way to explore New Zealand. With alluring beaches, snow covered mountains, gushing rivers, splendid lakes and volcanic pools, the small country has plenty to offer. As the roads are good and easily traversable, a caravan trip is very easy to access the holiday parks [...]

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3 Cruise Lines That Cater to Families

When it comes to vacations, parents are always looking for new ideas and ways to engage their children in meaningful activities and experiences. Road trips are difficult for children, trapped in vehicles for hours on end. Even with modern technology, youngsters can only watch so many DVDs before they get bored. Flying to vacation destinations [...]

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