• Things To Do in Fuerteventura

    Are you planning a trip to Fuerteventura in Spain and want to learn more about what the island has to offer? To find out more ...

How to Sail From Miami to the Bahamas

Sailing from Miami to Bahamas can be a dream come true experience for casual vacationers, as the calm Bahamian water always welcomes the tourists to get the taste of its natural beauty. For centuries, the region has been an attraction for sailors and sailing through its crystal like water is always a great to experience. [...]

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How to Bid on Trips to Jamaica

Every year, many people around the world like to go for a vacation in order to rejuvenate themselves on sunny islands like Jamaica. Planning a trip requires a serious consideration when you have to plan for your budget. Arranging for finance requires looking at several factors like the type of hotels you want to stay [...]

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Sailing: Spain and Portugal

Between the pair of them, the port captain and the customs officer drank a bottle of Pernod; though per­haps the complete lack of any common language made conversation difficult and lengthy. But the fact that they had enjoyed themselves was amply borne out by the ribald laughter I heard from the shore as the fisher­women [...]

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