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Antique Ceramics

It is not possible in this volume to expatiate fully upon all the reproductions of the various lines that fall properly under the heading of ceramics. My particular province being glass, I have not had occasion to devote much study to pottery and porcelain. All I shall attempt is to describe those fakes which are [...]

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Antique Bohemian Glass

At various intervals since collecting American antiques became the fashionable fad in this young country of ours, there have been revivals of interest in Bohemian glass. Upon hearing the name, the average collector immediately conjures up a vision of a ruby-red glass with grapevines and bunches of grapes etched or engraved in a frosted effect [...]

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Faked American Silver

Caveat emptor should be the creed of the American silver collector, who, as a fledgling in his quest for the fine and rare, is apt to prove easy prey for the faker. It is in the spirit of service that the following hints are offered to the would-be collector with the hope that he may [...]

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Antiques and Fakes: Lamps and Globes

There has always been a demand for lamps and there probably always will be. The overlay types in particular have long been popular. The name comes from the fact that they are so-called “case” glass, which is made in two or sometimes three parts. A lamp bowl may be opaque-white on the outside and a [...]

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