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Things to Do in Hong Kong

It turns out California isn’t the only destination with beaches, mountains, and a Disney theme park. Across the Pacific lies Hong Kong, one of the world’s most fascinating places. The former British colony is a global financial center with a blend of cultural influences, and it also has plenty of activity choices for tourists, from [...]

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Ceremonial Chinese Dancing

Interested in Chinese dance ceremonies? Discover the history and origins of the art of ceremonial Chinese dancing.The art of ceremonial Chinese dancing is a performance based medium of artistic expression used to entertain the masses. This unique art form requires the performers to make use of their body movements to express the theme and idea [...]

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Chinese Paper Fans

Interested in learning about Chinese paper fans? Find out about the historical development of the hand held fans that became a medium of artistic expression.The common hand held fan was revolutionized by the Chinese and transformed into a medium of artistic expression. This simplistic practical tool that served the purpose of helping one cool down [...]

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Chinese Opera Mask

Chinese Masks

Intrigued by Chinese masks? Find out about the cultural taboo and practices associated with this unique form of art.Masks have been a prominent part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years. Mask making has been a traditional practice associated with religion and culture in China. The Buddhists had their own philosophies that inspired them [...]

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Chinese Birth Chart

Interested in reading your Chinese birth chart? Find out about the historical Chinese birth chart and how it functions.The Chinese birth calendar is one of the unique innovations to have originated from the land that is known for its mysterious and intriguing culture. The ancient birth chart, popularly known as the Chinese Gender Chart allows [...]

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Chinese Exclusion Act

Want to learn more about the Chinese exclusion act? Read on to get an overview of this historical act aimed at limiting Chinese immigration to the US.The U.S federal law that was enforced back in 1882 aimed at barring Chinese immigration to America is known as the Chinese Exclusion Act. The law remained in force [...]

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Chinese Foot Binding

Interested in learning more about Chinese foot binding? Find about this ancient custom that was practiced in China for a thousand years.Foot binding is one of the most unique phenomena of the Chinese culture. It was an ancient custom practiced on little girls initiated back in the 10th century. This custom prevailed throughout China for [...]

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Chinese Checkers Rules

Interested in learning the rules of Chinese checkers? Find out what you need to know in order to play Chinese checkers the traditional way.Chinese Checkers is a traditional board game that has been present in the Chinese culture for centuries. Shaped like a six point star this unique board game has its own rules that [...]

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Chinese Checkers Marbles

Interested in learning about Chinese checkers marbles? Find out about the unique features of this out of the box board game made and played with marbles.Chinese checkers is actually a board game that was inspired by a very popular Victorian board game called Halma. It first became famous under its patent name of Stern Halma. [...]

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Chinese Checkers Strategies

Interested in learning Chinese checkers strategies? Get some great tips that can help you overcome your opponents.Chinese checkers is a unique game alright but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to play this one. There are however certain strategies and tips that can be learnt in order to better your playing [...]

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Chinese King of Heaven

Want to know about the Chinese king of heaven? Read on for facts & information on one of the most important characters in Chinese mythology.More popularly known as the Jade emperor, the Chinese king of Heaven is considered to be a mythical character that rules over Heaven and all the realms of existence that lie [...]

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Chinese Monkey King Sun Wukong

Want to know about the Chinese monkey king Sun Wukong? Read on to get an overview of this epic Chinese novel character.The monkey king, known in China as Sun Wukong is the lead character of a classical Chinese novel titled Journey to the West. The story is set around the theme of the monkey king, [...]

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Chinese Brush Painting

Interested in Chinese brush painting? Read on to find out about the history and development of this unique art form throughout China.Chinese brush painting is an extremely unique form of art that is very spontaneous in nature. Each stroke has to be made extremely carefully because according to tradition a stroke cannot be corrected or [...]

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Chinese Chess Sets

Interested in Chinese chess sets? Read on for information on the various kinds of sets that are available in the market.Chinese chess is an excellent game that can help polish your strategic skills. It is like the international game of chess with an oriental twist. If you are looking for a different kind of challenge [...]

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Chinese Chess Game

Interested in the Chinese chess game? Read on to understand what this classical game from China is all about.The Chinese Chess game is known as Xiangqi in its home land. This is by far the most popular board game in a host of Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and the like. Chinese [...]

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Chinese Chess Strategies

Want to learn some Chinese chess strategies? Get some great tips that can help you to overcome your opponent in our players strategy guide.Chinese chess is considered to be a not so distant cousin of the international game of chess. As it is well known, chess is no dummy’s game. Not only do you need [...]

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Chinese Chess Rules

Interested in learning how to play Chinese chess? Want to know the rules? Read on for facts & information explaining how to play this great board game from China.The game of chess is considered to be an activity for intellectuals. The same goes for the oriental cousin of International Chess known as Chinese chess. When [...]

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Chinese Chess Board & Pieces

Want to know about the Chinese chess board & pieces? Read on to get an overview of the game board and the pieces along with their movements on the board.The game of Chinese chess has some similarities with the ordinary game of chess. This is especially true when you compare the basic idea of the [...]

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Vintage Chinese Checkers

Looking for a vintage Chinese checkers board? Get a load of the choices that you have at hand in our information guide…Chinese checkers is a classic game that does not actually originate from China although it is tagged with the name. The game was actually developed based on the European Halma and introduced with its [...]

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Wooden Peg Chinese Checkers

Interested in wooden peg Chinese checkers? Find out what makes the wooden peg version of the game the ideal buy and the options that you have at bay.Chinese checkers is a great traditional board game that was actually developed taking inspiration from the European game Halma. During the early days of this unique board game [...]

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China Doll Plant

Interested in the China doll plant? Find out the information you need to know about this popular houseplant…China doll is a rather unique name for a plant. This upright columnar bush is native to the country of China and is also found in parts of India, Java and the Philippines. The plant thrives in normal [...]

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China Doll Tree

Interested in the China doll tree? Find out about this popular houseplant native to the country of China…The china doll tree is an upright columnar bush native to the regions of China and India. It is also found in parts of the Philippines and Java. It is a popular houseplant that is easily available at [...]

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Magnum PI China Doll

Interested in Magnum P.I china doll? Find out about this award winning episode of the hit television series…Magnum P.I was a super hit mystery series aired on television back in the 80s. The detective show was a prime time drama that ran a full sixty minutes. The man behind the direction of this hit television [...]

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China Doll Head, Dress & Shoes

Interested in china doll head, dress & shoes? Find out about the unique characteristics of these antique china dolls.China dolls are unique porcelain collectible dolls with glazed faces and painted legs. Germany is credited with being the first country to produce these dolls in mass. A unique element of the history of these dolls is that they [...]

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