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Chinese Antique Furniture

China And The Philippines Far Eastern furniture, executed under the influence of European designs, is in general strongly characteristic, but in some instances may approach these designs rather closely. Native materials and joining methods usually distinguish even the closest parallels, which may be found in examples made for European residents. Perhaps one of the closest [...]

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Antique China Cabinet

Interested in antique China cabinets? Find out what you need to know before you buy a vintage China cabinet in our information guide.People of Chinese origin are known to possess great craftsmanship skills. This is more than evident in the art and architectural remains found from ancient Chinese civilization. Amongst the things that display the [...]

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Antique Noritake China

Interested in antique Noritake china? Discover the all time classic pieces part of the legendary Noritake collection…Noritake has produced a collection of fine chinaware that spans over a hundred years. As the company developed new patterns the older ones were taken out of circulation. Today the older patterns are counted amongst the all time classics. [...]

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Antique China Doll

Interested in the antique china doll? Find out what makes these collectable porcelain dolls special…The antique china doll is not exactly something Chinese. China dolls are actually porcelain collectable dolls sporting glazed faces. These dolls are easy to sculpt using the translucent solid known as bisque or china. The antique china doll is drastically different [...]

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Antique China Dishes

Antique china dishes are spectacular works of art anybody would be proud to own. These dishes bring a classy look to the dinner table or add to the ambience of the room if using as a show piece. People are proud to own them and they have become a staChina dishes like china plates had [...]

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Antique Haviland China

Antique Haviland china is one of the most popular and valued antiques. Mr. David Haviland, an American china shop owner, went on a research to Limoges in the year 1840 and discovered the world’s best china and named it Haviland china…David Haviland found that the area had a rich supply of pure white clay or [...]

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Antique Porcelain China

Antique Chinese porcelain is an excellent way of collecting beautiful items and at the same time learning about the rich Chinese history and culture. If you are serious about collecting Chinese porcelain, this article can help you in gaining more knoChinese porcelain has been trusted and valued by people from all over the world for [...]

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Antique China Dolls

Ancient China dolls conjure up images of beautiful dolls with glazed white faces, blue eyes and stylish hair-dos. Although, they were mass- produced even around the 1920s, they are now just collectibles sought by any antique-collector or more specifiFor those of you who are not passionately into doll-collecting, here is a surprise: if you think [...]

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Antique China Coins

Antique China coins date back to 2000 BC. They span a long history. Each coin has a unique story to tell. Their structure, design, imprints all denote the specific period and age in which they were used and the social, economic, and political conditiDuring the age of Shang and Western Zhou dynasties many different types [...]

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Antique Roslyn Bone China

Nowadays, one of the highly valued antiques is Roslyn Bone China. Roslyn was a trade name used by an English company which was also known as Reid and Co. This company was established in 1913 and manufactured beautiful wares such as tea cups, saucers,The Roslyn bone china base was located in Longton which is a [...]

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Antique China Head Dolls

An ancient China head doll is a misleading name for dolls which were popular during the 19th century. To find out more about these dolls and the origin of the name read on…China head dolls are made from porcelain and were popular toys during the nineteenth century. The term ‘china’ doesn’t have anything to do [...]

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Antique China Patterns

Antique China items are made by different manufacturers and are differentiated by unique emblems or the mark on them. Each item has beautiful designs and patterns etched or painted on them which are also sometimes referred to as Antique China patterThe patterns or designs which are rare fetch more money than the common designs, though [...]

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Antique China Plates

Decorating your house with beautiful, delicate antique china plates says much about the aesthetic sense of the owner. Glazed antique plates, hand painted porcelain plates and few others are much in demand by collectors around the world……The histories of Chinese plates go back to the Neolithic age where they used terracotta to make their pottery. [...]

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