The order of battle for German 1st Panzer Army was a very vital strategic
The Imperial German Army that lasted from 1871 to 1919 constituted several Regiments, and
German Army archives date back to the 15th century and have a high genealogical
Modern German Army pistols consist of the series of pistols from Walther’s military production,
German Army blankets are heavy-duty woolen blankets, comprising a high percentage of plush wool
The German Army goretex jacket is made of a unique material that is not
German Army jackets make impressive fancy dress costumes for various occasions like school competitions
West German Flecktarn Army Field Jackets were worn by the German armed personnel as
A German Army parka is a sturdy, long hooded jacket that covers the whole
German Army pants may be worn over quilted insulated pant liners, comprising wool stitched
German Army surplus consists of military goods such as camping equipment, clothing, boots, weapons
German Army tents used during the Second World War were capable of withstanding different
The German Army undershirt, a pullover type shirt worn under the field uniform, provided
Petromax lanterns that were used by the German Army were pressurized lamps which could